Friday, July 9, 2010


We are back...and I have been a busy lady! We got back LATE Wednesday. In fact, a half an hour more and it would have been Thursday. Then Thursday we tried to clean and do laundry because my hubby is off on an air plane again in an hour or so for a business trip. He's gonna be gone for two weeks. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It is a double edged sword for me. Obviously it is not ideal for my husband to be gone. I have to do EVERYTHING my self and it gets really tiring. On the other hand, I don't have to cook big meals and I get MORE free time because when the kids go to bed at night I have the evening all to myself. As soon as my house is clean I am going to start sewing some of those purse patterns I just bought. How exciting right?! I also decided to make a scripture/bible cover tutorial. With my new calling, I need to make sure my scriptures are with me EVERY week. Since someone asked for a tutorial, I hope it get one done by next Sunday ( since that is when I will need it done by! ) Until then, I need to go get dressed so I can drive my hubby back to the air port. Here is a picture to hold you over until I have more time to blog ( crossing fingers, hopefully tonight! )


PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Wait a second, who is in Nursery? And I need some pictures for my blog of a pretty bride. Got any?

Glad you are back. Look forward to seeing you and catching up soon

Jackie said...

I feel the same way about trips. Miss him, but nice to be alone. I AGREE!

Good luck with everything!

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