Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About Time

Well, now that it is almost March, why not finally post pictures of my sons Valentine's me made for his kindergarten class this year.

Seriously, what is my problem lately?

Here you go

Mustaches and lips!  They were fun to make and not TOO much work.

Mustaches for the boys  and Lips for the girls.

And here is my handsome dude writing in his teachers card.

I realized AFTER he put down his first hand that we faced his hands the wrong way.  DOH!  Oh well, I think it is still cute.

So Happy LATE Valentine's day!  I hope everyone here had a great day.  Did anyone else make Valentine's for their kids class?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Always Wanted!

We went to Costco last night and had dinner with some friends.  While we were there we noticed the obscene amount of guys leaving with flowers for their wives/girlfriend/significant others.  My husband and I have an understanding that he is NOT allowed to buy me flowers on Valentines day.  I told him that is anything, he should wait until the next day when they go on sale for 50% off.  I wonder how many times he has done that and the people he was buying them from were thinking what a horrible guy he was for "forgetting" to get me some on the right day!  haha

While we were at Costco I had to laugh because while going through the meat I saw this

REALLY?  Who thought that a woman would see this and say to herself, "OOOOOH I bet my husband would LOVE a heart shaped steak!"  haha  And if a man was ACTUALLY cooking this for his wife for dinner I highly doubt most would think cooking them a heart shaped cow was romantic.  Maybe if she REALLY loved steak.  I think more so the fact that they were getting dinner cooked for them would be more then enough but whatever.  I just thought it was hilarious.  I had to share.

My son and I made Valentines for his class.  I'll share later.  We are about to leave to take him to school. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!

Here is what I got from my hubby

In my opinion, this beats flowers ANY day!

Friday, February 10, 2012


We eat a LOT of chicken.  My poor husband.  He loves beef.  He would eat it all the time but me...not os much.  He has got to me like steak and we cook that a couple of times a month.  I don't really like hamburgers that much.  I like them at places like McDonald's and In-N-Out because they are super thin.  If somewhere has a fat patty,  I can't handle it.  I also like Taco Bell's "beef" which is ironic because a couple of months ago there was a lot of talk about Taco Bell and how it's beef is actually so little beef, that people were getting mad that they were calling it beef.  Um, gross.  But at the same time explains so much why I can actually eat there's.

Any ways.  We get tired of cooking chicken in the same ways over and over again.  We found a recipe that we tried and it was really good so I thought I'd share it with you.

You get some chicken breast.  Either you can get thin sliced OR you can take whatever chicken breast you have and pound them thin.  Then you put a piece of cheese in the center.  The recipe said to use Kraft singles which I liked but my husband didn't.  The second time we made it we used sliced provolone which was good too.  So use whatever cheese you think sounds good!  You then roll the chicken up around the cheese ( which is why you want the chicken to be thin ) and then you wrap a piece of bacon around the entire thing and close it with a tooth pick.  The missionaries from our church were coming over for dinner when we tried this and we told them we were experimenting on them, which I am sure they LOVE to hear.  haha   Then we told them what it was and the one missionary said you can't go wrong if you wrap something in bacon!

Next you take these bad boys and either throw them on a grill, skillet or frying pan.  We just fried them on the frying pan.  Do each side for a couple of minutes.  I kept flipping them every 5 minutes or so.  Having a lid on helps.  When the chicken are starting to look cooked, you take some Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing and dump it all over the chicken.

MMMMMMMM  I'm telling you this meal was pretty tasty.  Cooking chicken always makes me nervous so we used the thermometer and made sure it was at least 160 degrees before eating.  One thing I learned from Doctor Oz ( who knows Dr. Oz and LOVES him!? )  If you freeze your chicken it kills 99% of bacteria so I ALWAYS freeze my chicken just in case.

So just remember, wrap thin chicken around a piece of cheese, then wrap with a piece of bacon and fry.  Dump some dressing on at the end and eat!  The dressing really soaks into the chicken and makes it super yummy and moist.  My only complaint is that the bacon doesn't crisp up and cook very well. The second time we made this I cooked the bacon in the oven for about 10 minutes before wrapping and it helped a little but it still didn't cook as well as I would have liked.  My husband liked it just fine so it's just a matter of preference.

And one more thing!  VERY important!!!  The recipe reminds you to take out the toothpicks before serving.  haha  Thank you recipe for making sure I don't eat a tooth pick!  Now go make this and enjoy.
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