Friday, July 30, 2010

Ipod Case

I made an ipod case for my nephew. He is 13 or 14 and I wasn't sure about what he was into. I decided on skulls. I figured every guy would appreciate that. I knew he had a ipod Nano so I looked up the dimensions on line. Then I looked some cases up on for some ideas. I think mine turned out good.

Considering I didn't have a pattern and was just winging it, this was pretty darn simple. I mean like, half an hour TOPS simple. That includes cutting it out. I was super surprised these things sell for as much as they do on Some people were selling them for 25 bucks! I used a fat quarter I got from walmart for 1 dollar and barely used any of it. I used terry cloth for the inside so it would be soft against the ipod. I put a loop on it so I can add a key chain for him.

It has the pocket in the front for his ear phones. Now I just need to make me one for the ipod I got for Christmas that sits in my car. I just have to decide on what fabric to use.

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