Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something New

I have been really into hair bows all of the sudden. I have been looking on line at LOTS of craft blogs and what not and have decided to try out some tutorials. I also just tried doing my own thing on a couple. So some are totally copied and some were me trying make something cute on my own. Here are the ones I did yesterday.

First one is out of felt and since I did it in black it is REALLY hard to see in the picture how cute it is.

here is number two and I think it is cute but it didn't turn out ANYTHING like the tutorial I followed! haha

Now I just need something to put it on! haha

Number three is one I LOVE. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO easy and turned out pretty.

I kind of sort of used a tutorial for that one. Then once I knew how to make the flowers, I made this one all by myself. I love the yellow and black together BUT you can't really see the black flower in the pictures. Sorry.

And lastly, I did these two that I also think are so cute ( and WAY easy! )

Wanna know how to make them? Go HERE and follow my bow tie tutorial but do it with out actually sewing anything. Just use some hot glue and it will take you two minutes to make, I promise! I literately, folded, folded again, added a little glue folded, folded, folded, added glue and then glued the ribbon in the center. SO EASY! And way cute on little girls. :)

NEXT, I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of my moms purse! I was so mad. I begged my sister to take some for me and send them to me. She did and I will post those for y'all tomorrow. They are on my email account and if I sign into it to save them, it will kick me off of this blog and sign me into my family one. Oh can wait one more day right?! Tomorrow I plan to start sewing my first purse from one of the patterns I got on sale at JoAnns for 2 bucks. SO EXCITED!

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Moe said...

I love the yellow flower with the netting! I am going to check out that tutorial. :)

Ps. I found you through The Girl Creative's new friend fridays. These blog party things are cool!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks

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