Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I absolutely LOVE freezer paper! Today I wanted to make some more flowers because I want to start adding hair bows and accessories to my etsy site. SOOOOOO I went to my lap top and pulled up my Microsoft document that is "projects" I want to do ( that is about 26 pages long by the way of just copy and pasted titles and links....YUP! I have a LOT!) and found THIS tutorial I had actually done a while back and LOVED how it turned out.

The first time I tried this it took FOREVER to cut all the flowers out. I think I would pin the flower template to the fabric, cut it out and then re-pin it. After a couple times of doing that I finally traced the flower onto the paper. Both ways took longer then I wanted them to. I was thinking it was too time consuming and I wasn't going to do it again. Then I remembered FREEZER PAPER! EEEEEEEEEEEEE So I got out the freezer paper and I cut out two flowers and then ironed them onto the fabric. After I cut out the flowers I re-ironed them onto the fabric. SO much easier this way. I was using flannel which made the freezer paper not as easy to re-iron but I still managed to get it to stick four different times. I have done this before and I think I got it to stick 6 times on regular cotton fabric....Any ways. Next time you have a project that requires lots of cutting out of the same shape remember to bust out your freezer paper and put it to good use! Pinning is annoying and takes too long, why waste the time and energy. :)

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