Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Rid of Electronics

Okay so this is a copy and paste from an email I get every day on tips for staying green! I LOVE it. If you want to sign up it's called and they offer great tips for living green. You can sign up to get one a day and they also have one for moms and I find those tips WAY more useful usually. Any is today's.

Get rid of it already - but instead of dumping broken stuff or games they've outgrown, recycle their electronic waste. Here's where to dispose of it safely, or else refurbish and resell it for cash. Either way, you'll keep ewaste outta landfills. Just do it.

The Benefits

* Facing less trash. Americans buy millions of new gaming consoles every year, many to replace older models. Recycling consoles and controllers helps reduce the 2.5 million tons of ewaste we dump each year.
* Fewer toxins taking the plunge. Many popular game consoles tested positive for hazardous chems such as PVC, phthalates, and toxic flame retardants beryllium and bromine. Recycling keeps 'em off the ground and out of the water supply.
* Not swallowing up more resources. Reusing or recycling games, controllers, and consoles averts the need for new glass, metal, and plastic - energy-sucking processes that put a strain on the planet.
* Going for less packaging. No need to send plastic CD cases or game boxes to the landfill either - these companies accept the whole shebang.

Wanna Try?

* Best Buy - recycle your old video game consoles, DVD players, TVs, laptops, and other electronics at any store; service is mostly free, but $10 for bigger items (TVs, computers...), which BB offsets with a $10 gift card.
* Amazon Video Games Trade-In - this new offering from Amazon lets you send in your still-in-good-condition video games for an Amazon gift card, depending on the value of the game (free shipping).
* BuyMyTronics - scoop up cash or a donation to a charity of your choice for new, used, or broken electronics like iPods and PlayStations, plus the games and cords that go with 'em; example: $65 for a working Nintendo DSI.
* NextWorth - also offers cash for good-condition consoles and games (it'll accept and recycle broken stuff for free); example: $11 for a PlayStation 2.
* Gazelle - sell your video games, consoles, movies, and calculators; it pays shipping; example: $8 for a first-gen iPod Nano.
* Earth 911 - type in your zip code for a list of places in your area, with contact info and hours, that accept all things electronic.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Is it just me or has the word marriage these come to mean something more like, Long term relationship? It seems that no one values marriage any more. Cody travels for work a lot. This is no secret. He is one of the only guys at his work who looks at it as time away from his family as a bad thing. The rest of them can't wait to get back on the road to get away from their wives. Most of them of course cheat while they are gone. One of Cody's first days as a trainer, someone older man he didn't even know pulled Cody to the side and told him, "Son, I am going to teach you everything I know about cheating on your wife. I have been doing it for years and have never been caught!" He was PROUD about it and thought Cody would be grateful and think this guy was "cool". What a schmuck! Unfortunately, most of the others guys are like this, NOT ALL, but most.

For instance, Cody has been gone almost exactly 3 months now. One of the guys on the trip with him JUST cheated on his wife this week. You are gonna see your wife in a week moron, you can't wait one more week to keep it in your pants?! Two or three of the other guys are cheating on their wives as well. One of which has been married for over 20, maybe 30 years. He was already caught cheating when he was in Kuwait for a year. His wife, who is a very nice person by the way because we know her, told him if he does it again they are done. He is in Germany with Cody and guess what? The first month they were in one area and then they moved a couple of hours away to a new location. Well every weekend he has been driving back to the other hotel to hook up with this girl he met whom he calls him girlfriend. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!?!

This might sound stupid but one of the things that REALLY bothers me about this is the fact that most of them cheat JUST to cheat. They aren't falling in love, they just can't keep it in their pants so they go for the first person who will have sex with them. Usually, this means someone less attractive then their wives. I told Cody straight out if he EVER decides to cheat on me, she better DAMN WELL BE FREAKING HOT! No cheating down or he is in even WORSE trouble then he will be for the cheating part. Seriously. Sounds stupid I know but come on, cheat UP people if you are gonna do it.

I am SO out of time on this post even though there are a million things I want to write still but one of the other things that gets me is when you have kids and you cheat. People are just so selfish now a days that they ruin things for the sake of pleasure. Why did you get married and have kids in the first place? I can't stand that. One of the guys he was in Iraq with one time had a girlfriend and his wife, back in Texas had a boyfriend. He said while he was on the road she was allowed to have a boyfriend and he was allowed to have a girlfriend and they have two small children who are seeing their mom with another man. PROBABLY spending the night in the bed their daddy is supposed to be sleeping in. And guess what happened? She left him for this other guy AND took ALL the money he had earned while in Iraq! That's what you get people for messing around and being selfish.

NO CHEATING! There is no point. If you don't want to be together any more, just get divorced and save everyone else the hurt and pain. ESPECIALLY if you have kids. You are NOT doing them any favors by staying together and then cheating. Kids are smarter then you think. They see things, they know things. They LEARN from YOU and your behaviors. Don't go sneaking around because I bet you anything they know.

One more thing real quick...Cody talks to me every night before he goes to bed and he wakes up at 5:30 every morning so that he can talk to me for a half an hour or so before he gets ready for work. One of the guys at his work told him that he was proud of him for doing this and for not cheating and for loving his family because of how everyone else from their work is. It almost seems dumb doesn't it. Someone is proud of Cody for loving his family and wanting to be with them. Isn't that what you are SUPPOSED to do?

PS No time to look over this to make sure I don't have mistakes, which means there are most likely mistakes!
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