Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Shower

The baby shower was nice. My SIL and I made the refreshments and we made cupcakes. We thought it would be easier to make simple cup cakes and then stick a little printed out baby shower thing on top to make it cute.


Easier? HECK NO! I had to print them out, cut them out by hand and then tape all of the circles onto tooth picks. Never again...well, maybe. haha Here is where I got the printable ACCENT PARTY This is a WAY cool web site with the coolest ideas and LOTS of free things to print out to make decorating easier. Go check it out!

Here are the onesies I made

One regular tie,, one bow tie. Both are from re purposed clothes. The regular tie is a REALLY old skirt I had from a thrift store from when I was in high school. The bow tie used to be one of Tyler's old shirts. I love how that one turned out. Here is a picture of me and the mommy to be

I can't wait to take pictures of the baby when it gets here. :)

When we were leaving the light out side was really good and the kids love playing out side of our church. After church they are always so tired and if I want to do a photoshoot they usually do not cooperate. I thought, "Maybe now would be a good time". Plus we have gorgeous flowers on the trees out side right now. Check out the gorgeous picture of my girl I got

And check out the not so hot one I got of my boy

And the cute one of my niece

And one more thing before I go to bed. My boy and his cousin were watching Spongebob while my SIL and I were doing cup cakes. I really HATE the show sometimes because of words like, stupid, BUTT, idiot, dummy....things like this. Well today Squidward said, "Oh my aching tentacles." Tyler about two seconds later looked at his cousin ( who is a girl ) and said, "Oh my aching testicles!" HAHAHAHA Nice one. Don't worry though, Madison was quick to let Tyler know he said it wrong.

Everyone have a great Sunday! We are only going for an hour of church and then get to go pick up daddy from the air port! WOO HOO


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Your cupcakes are beautiful! I can't believe they were last minute. They look like they're from a bakery. You're awesome!

Kitty Talk said...

Well to be totally fair, Stacie put the frosting on while I was cutting out and taping all the freaking circles! haha

One Precious Life said...

Im having my shower Aug 14 and I was thinking about doing the same thing but now Im thinking I'll just go buy the cupcake sticks already made.They do look pretty darn cute though. I guess its good if youre doing a certain theme.

Kitty Talk said...

Lauri, it isn't that big of a deal if you do it over a couple of days or something. We only had like two hours or something so it was annoying to have to cut everything out and get it all done real quick. Go check out that web site cause they have tons of printable ideas and things. If I have time, I'll have to send the baby something. Are you having another girl or boy? I can't remember now....too many people having babies for me to keep them all straight! haha

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