Monday, December 21, 2009

My sisters and Mom got their Christmas purses today so I can post pictures! WOOHOO I am so excited because I have been dying to post pictures! So here they are

Here is my moms

I didn't use a pattern for this one and the fabric is so busy that you can't tell how cute it is. BOOOO I told my mom I wasn't happy with how it came out so one of these days I am going to make her another one. I already know which one I am going to do too.

Kimmie's purse

It was hard to see but there is a pleat in the center and then a pleat one each side so that's what the close up is supposed to be showing. I love the fabric on this one and both the outside and the inside fabric was a remnant I got for like 2 bucks a piece. AWESOME! Here is the pattern for the purse

pattern Try and make it yourself

Kristy's purse

This bag was my favorite! I was so happy with how it turned out. My sister Kristy is a big "Go green" girl. So naturally I used an old pair of pants I have had since before I got married and before that they were my friend Myra's pants for who knows how long. I even used one of the pockets from the pants for the inside pocket of the purse. Just so everyone knows, I totally copied this purse! haha I didn't make the idea of the flower or anything just copied it. The only thing "creative" I did was that the original bag used 8 or 9 different fabrics for the flower. I used the same fabric and I also used it for the inside of the handle AND I used it for the flap and in the original she used the main body fabric for the flap. I like how mine pops. Anyways here you go
pattern try and make it yourself. Check out her blog too for LOTS of other purse ideas.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We wanted to by some cookie dough at Walmart. I was trying to pick something that Tyler would like and that I would like as well. I picked chocolate chip cookies that were small. BAD IDEA. Because instead of 3 cookies, you eat like....10! BAD BAD BA IDEA!!!

Never again!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I mentioned in my last blog that I have been starting to make purses. I think I might be obsessed with them. I am going to end up with 50 purses. I made a pre-run on the one I was making my sister Kim so I used my cheap fabric I got for like 50 cents. The bag ended up costing me like a dollar to make and turned out pretty cute.

It's so hard to see the detail because the pattern on the fabric is so busy but there are three different pleats on each side of the bag.

Then I saw this really cute clutch on and the pattern for it was 6 bucks. I thought, "That's not to expensive." Then I looked at it closer and thought, "I don't need a pattern for that! So I grabbed some fabric, cut it out and started sewing. Pretty much 30 minutes to an hour later I had this

I think it turned out way cute and can't wait to try it again with interfacing. I didn't bother using any because I was just doing a trial run but next time I will take the time to use it and make the bag sturdier.

I can't wait until after Christmas so I can post pictures of the purses I have made for my mom and sisters. So far I love all of them but one of them I especially love and totally want to keep! haha So I think I might make myself one next. ( even though I already started myself a purse like 3 weeks ago and then ran out of creative ideas and decided to hold off on it until after Christmas ) I am also WAY excited to take pictures of my little girl tomorrow. I finally finished the dress my mom and I started while I was in Utah. It turned out so cute and I can't wait to see it on her!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


MAN! I am addicting to crafting blogs. Not only do I get the best ideas from them, but also I get the best inspiration to keep being creative. I am making purse for my sisters and mom for Christmas which launched me into a bag search in the blog world. WOW! People make cool bags and HOLY WOW people really over charge for a lot of them. Some of them I totally understand the price and some are just plain LAME. It's fun that you can make something so different from just one pattern though. While in Utah I found a pattern at a thrift store for 25 cents and my mom got it out and tried it. I didn't know how to read a pattern and wanted her to show me. We got it almost all the way done and now I have to put the finishing touches on. As soon as I do, I will post a picture. For now I am off to bed. Cody and I have decided to make time every night for the whole month of December for "US" time. Haha We'll see how it goes. I'll keep everyone posted. wink wink

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I made my FIRST ETSY.COM purchase today! WOO HOO WHat exciting thing did I get you ask? Fabric, a pattern, something home made? NOPE I bought magnetic snaps for the purses I am making for Christmas. haha How lame am I? But seriously, if you are into making purses and buy the magnetic snaps sometimes, buy them there. It was the cheapest I could find them any where.
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