Friday, July 30, 2010

Mini Tutorial

Do you remember how I said I had something in mind for the crayon purse tutorial scraps? Remember how you had to cut off the corners of the purse? Well I HATE throwing those away. So depending on the purse I figured out a way to keep them and make the purse cuter. I take the scraps

I find the one I want to start with and place it in your hand

I take the next one and put it around the outside of the first one. I keep doing this until all four are stacked. It makes a cute flower! Make sure you switch the way the points go. If the first one has the points side to side, make sure the next one has the points going up and down. This is what makes it look like a flower

Then I sew it on to the purse. Now you don't have the wasted fabric AND the purse is even cuter. Mission accomplished.

New Friend Fridays

I welcome any and all new readers! Happy Friday everyone

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Terrell said...

Hello there! I'm loving this project!! I am happily following your fabulous blog and I hope you visit FFD so we can share up our crafty ideas :) All the best!
I'm off to visit more of your fun blog!
Hugs ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

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