Saturday, July 31, 2010


I walked away from the "yard" sale with three bags of stuff. A couple of books, a couple of toys, a pair of shoes and LOTS of clothes. I am washing everything as we speak so I don't have much to show yet EXCEPT this sweater because it is dry clean only

I know it is hard to tell in the picture but it is WAY cute. It is slightly itchy and I don't usually do dry clean only, but my husband takes his pants in when he is teaching at work so I guess I have an excuse now. Also I have a picture of this outfit I plan on using to play a joke on my husband later

What do you think? I think the joke is gonna be on me because I bet he thinks it is HOT! haha My SIL told me, "Well, if you are late for church tomorrow, I will know why!" heehee

LOVE free stuff because I got a pair of the cutest cropped pants that I would NEVER have spent money on because let's face it...when would I EVER get to wear them? To story time or grocery shopping?!?! NOPE! But I tell you I slipped them on, zipped them up and was in LOVE. It was like they were made for me and they "make my A$$ look fabulous!" ( If you know what line that is from I love you already! )

So more pictures of free stuff to come. A lot of the shirts I grabbed don't quite fit and need to be altered so that gives me things to blog about. Hopefully they all work out and I will have some cute new outfits. WOO HOO

Happy Saturday Y'all! I need to do my lesson for church tomorrow and do a bunch of sewing. I decided to FINALLY do the buttercup bag pattern and because of the material I used it is turning out SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING CUTE! I want to keep it but it is for my niece. I am sure she will love it to though. Can't wait to post pictures.

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Staci J said...

I wanna see pictures too!! I went to Antique's Sale today, and I'm in love...
Btw, I gave your blog an award today

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