Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Off Again

Man, just when I get into the groove of writing regular blogs again, I am off to Utah for a week. I finished my moms purse and was about to take pictures to publish and then realized that would be super unfair since she hasn't even seen it yet. SOOOOOO when I get back I will post pictures of my mom and her purse. It was SO much easier the second time around and I thought it was pretty easy the first time so that was cool. When I get back I plan on making a couple of purse AFTER I make myself a camera bag. I have been DYING to make me a camera bag to hold all of my stuff. I am aslo dying to try and use one of my new purse patterns. This is good news for all y'all because I have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many purses. Which means, I need to give some away. So as long as you don't mind purses that have been used a little, I'll start doing some give aways. I have some canvas prints we printed and haven't done anything with yet so I think I will be giving some of those away too. Yipee!

So have a great week Y'all and I'll be back up in busy next Thursday!


Jackie said...

HAVE FUN! I'm super jealous!

Debbie said...

I hope you have a great time.

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