Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Business Cards

Help a sista out! I need some advice on business cards. I am about to order some and I have a couple of concerns. so here are the two I made up today.


I like this one better. BUT did you notice there are different pictures on them? Which pictures look better?


This is the one I almost got a month or so ago. I love that it has three pictures on it just like the first one and these ones look like the pictures them selves are actually a little bigger. So which one do you guys like better? Also, if you notice the second version of the first one has all of my info on it. Do you think it looks okay, or should say something else, or should have something worded different?!?!?!? Please help if you read all the way through this. I really want to order these soon so give me any advice you can. THANKS! You guys rock


Kim and Ender said...

I like the second of the 1st. To me the pictures in the 2nd one are too random and distracting when they aren't grouped together. The first one is good because it focuses on You and your info but you still get to see some of your pics. I like the pic of Sethy boy, the wedding couple, and the prego pic cuz it shows an array of what you do.

Kitty Talk said...

Kim I am totally with you. Cody likes the same card but with the family picture better. I like the one with the pregnant belly better.....hmmmmm

Kristy Lou said...

I am with Kim.... second of the first card. Are you getting them from vistaprint? Just wondering because I just got my new ones from there and they came out really good, but especially for the price.

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