Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So...I don't normally pay attention to people when they put things on their blogs about fabric sales and what not. To often then not, I check it out and I don't find anything I like, or nothing is as cheap as I am willing to pay ( or shipping is too much! ) I just opened my dashboard to go through everyone's updates today and saw THIS post ( very cute blog by the way! I decided to check it out. THANK GOODNESS I DID! The fabric on sale is REALLY cute and it took everything in me not to out it all in my cart. I wish I were rich....Any ways. I got 17 yards of fabric for just under 36 dollars! HOLY FREAKING HECK PEOPLE! Seriously?! I am a little excited if you can't already tell. So go check it out. It is Fabric.com and the sale is for $2.49 a yard plus free shipping if you spend over $35 dollars. But that is not it. The post I found on Elle Apparel has a coupon code to help you save an extra %20 off! I had almost 50 dollars in my cart, then added the code and it dropped it down it 35 something. REMEMBER that when you are going to check out if you are expecting to get the free shipping!!

So don't be too mad at me because I was ALL ready to post my scripture case tutorial when I started searching for fabric instead. haha Good news is Tyler is still out with Papa and Nana so as long as Kayla keeps being a good girl, I may be able to get it posted too. Happy shopping y'all!

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