Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more

I have a funny picture for y'all. My sister back in May took this picture of me trying to take pictures of the Salt Lake City Utah Mormon Temple GO HERE to see it.

While I was trying to sew my sisters diaper bag my girl was crawling all over me! She was like a baby monkey clinging to her momma's back. My mom took this picture.

Not an attractive picture of me AT ALL but I thought it was funny. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done! haha

PS I think my COMPUTER is what is wrong with the way the photos keep uploading. The reason I say so is because all of the sudden facebook is loading my pictures sideways too....strange....


I am experimenting tonight with my picture uploading. my friend suggested I try picasa so tonight I think I will. I am crossing my fingers this works well for me.

Here is more Halloween costumes. My sister Kristy has lived in Utah for the last 9 years or so. My other sister Kim has only been here a little over a year and I only lived here for 4 months when Cody and I first got married. I have ALWAYS thought the women here have a strange fashion sense. In fact my husband live here his whole life until we moved to Texas 6 and a half years ago and he hates it too. We call the "bump" on the back of the head with hair "Utah hair" :) Don't be offended if this is you I am talking about....if you live here it's normal. If you don''s not. haha They have BIG hair in Texas too, it is just a different kind of big. ANY WAYS My sister Kim, the one who has lived here a year or so, decided to be a Utah Housewife for Halloween and it was hilarious. We do however realize that no one but US got it, and most people probably thought she looked cute. heehee Here is a picture of her "costume"

I have another picture of her whole body on my phone I will email myself later so I can post. She also has the skinny jeans on with boots on top of them and a huge black leather purse! You can't tell in the picture but her hair is HUGE up top and she was a bunch of Twilight pins on her shirt. She also painted her nails a dark color. Tyler kept asking her, "Aunt Kimmie where is your costume" We kept trying to explain it but it was lost on him! haha

Picasa wouldn't work for me either...I just can't figure computer crap out I guess so I switch it back to the old up loader. I am SAD about it because it makes the pictures so much smaller BUT I am happy that I can at least put more pictures up with out them being turned the wrong way! Here are a couple more from Halloween

WOW! I forgot how much slower the old uploader is too.....

SO Boring

I apologize for being so boring lately! I am so busy here in Utah and when I DO have time to do stuff it goes by so quick that the blogging is effected. Also I have been sewing a lot but then, I haven't at the same time. I sewed a purse this week but I can't post pictures until my friend gets it in the mail. Until then, how about some Halloween pictures?! I decided at the last minute to be a witch. I had just bought a black dress at the thrift store and on impulse a couple of weeks ago I bought a short black wig at walmart. Now all I needed was black leggings and a witch hat. Seems easy enough right?! WRONG! I wanted a SIMPLE black witch hat. ALL I could fin were these 10 to 15 dollar hats that had feathers, glitter or BOTH! Finally I went to Walmart and found one that I actually LOVED! I was sad I had to pay 9 dollars for it BUT I am going to re-purpose it sometime this week and make something cool out of all the stuff on top of the hat.

I STILL can NOT figure out why bloggers new uploader will NOT let me post pictures that are up and down. I am about to go back to old the one but I don't want to because the pictures post so small but I am SICK of it turning my pictures! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

MAN I WANT TO SCREAM!  Now it won't let me upload anything.....I am gonna kick my blogger in the butt one of these days....well.  Until someone can give me some advice on how to fix my stupid blog or until I can figure it out ( which could be a while because I SUCK at computer stuff ) I'll have to post more later.  BOOOOOOOOOOOO

Monday, October 25, 2010


Man have I been busy! I haven't even been on the internet since Thursday ( GASP! ) Friday morning we packed up the car and drove to California to go visit Daddy for the weekend. He spoiled us and it was lots of fun. Today we packed up the car and came home. I am TIRED. Tomorrow....I planon getting back into sewing. I have started cutting out a purse for my friend Sarah whose birthday was 2 weeks ago....I told her it would be late but I was hoping it would have been done already. This week FOR SURE! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay so who here is sick of the hat already? I apologize in advance for those raising their hands because I have another one to show y'all AND another one I WANT to make that will be SO cute when I can get around to it. The one I did today is for my niece Madison. It was her birthday and since we are not in Texas right now, we missed it. What a bummer. Her favorite color is GREEN but I had a hard time finding cute green material. I finally settled on some brown and blue and grabbed some plain green as an accent. I think it turned out WAY cute. I measured my boys head since he is a year younger then Madison and it was like half an inch smaller then mine! haha SO I modeled the finished product. Isn't it cute?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SEW Busy

I have been sewing a lot lately.  I sewed the hat from the last post for my daughter and then I started on a diaper bag for my sister.  She got ot pick out the fabric and decided on a zebra print and black bag.  She told me she liked my skull diaper bag and wanted one to be the same.  The bad news for me was that I made the skull diaper bag by myself so I didn't have measurements or anything like that to go off of.  Because of that, the bottom turned out a little off but the overall bag I think was cute. 

Does anyone know why blogger keeps turning all of my PICTURES!  It is driving me CRAZY!

I also bought this super cute hat for the baby

I am SERIOUSLY annoyed about the pictures turning.....GRRRRRRRR

My mom made a boyu verison of the Jack and Jill hat for my future nephew.  It turned out REALLY cute.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jack and Jill Hat

Izzy and Ivy has really cute designs!  I have seen the Jack and Jill hat before and thought it was adorable but I am kind of a price snob!  I HATE spending more then like 6 or 7 dollars on a pattern.  This one was 13.  YIKES!  Well, I got to my moms and she said, "Check out the cute hat pattern I bought!"  Low and behold it was the Jack and Jill hat by Izzy and Ivy!  YEAH!  She has not tested it yet so I decided to be her pattern tester while she was working on a quilt for my future nephew.  I decided to use an old pair of jeans and some left over material from Kayla's baby quilt my mom made her.  OH MY GOSH it turned out SO cute!  Check it out

I wanted the center of the flower to be the jean material but the dumb button kit I bought would NOT work with the jean material. I just love how it turned out. I think it is adorable. NOW if ONLY I could get Kayla to wear it! HAHA

Adding to some linky parties


Get Your Craft On

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Makes Him Sad

SO, in my church once a year they let the kids ages 4 to 12 do a presitation during church about the things they have learned through out the year.  the older kids give talks and the younger kids usually memorize things like, "I make Jesus happy when I share my toys with my brothers and sisters".  There is always a theme and they always sing lots of songs.  It is ALWAYS so much fun to watch.  Poor Tyler has missed it BOTH years he was old enough for it.  Bummer for him. 

My sister came over for dinner today and was telling me that this year in stead of giving the kids the things they want them to say, they decided to ask them a series of questions and have them say what THEY want to say.  I already thought, "Oh I SO wanna come see yours!"  before she even told me this story.  But then she told me the story and I immediately said, "Oh I am gonna have to blog about that one!"  SO HERE I AM.  

My sister teaches the 4 and 5 year olds and her mother in law teaches the 11 year old girls.  Well, there were no 11 year old girls at church today but the teacher for the 5 and 6 year olds didn't show up so her MIL taught that class instead.  She started asking them their questions and writing them down on the paper. 

"What makes Jesus sad?" 

A little girl who was wearing ALL pink and is very sweet and quiet ( from what I am told ) raised her hand and said, "When we are mean to others and don't listen to our parents."  MIL wrote that down and said very good."  Then the little girl added, "And when we kill people and set things on fire!"  HAHA

Her MIL couldn't help it and started laughing!  I don't know if I could have held in my laughter either. 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.  Mine was kind of rough.  My parents church doesn't start until one and at 10:30 my kid had a melt down where he screamed at me for about a half an hour straight!  It dun wore both him and I out before we even had lunch.  I am one tired momma who needs to go to bed.

On a side note:  Anyone ever seen Izzy and Ivy designs?  They have way cute stuff and my mom bought a hat pattern but hadn't tried it yet.  I decided to be her pattern tester and trust me when I say it is turning out adorable!  My mom's sewing machine does awful button holes.  In fact it only does about half of it and then just keeps going back in forth and gets stuck.  Needless to say, once I get THAT figured out I can finish the hat and post pictures because it is ADORABLE!  I seriously CAN'T wait to finish it

Purse Purse Everywhere

So I have said this before but I feel the need to say it again...I AM OBSESSED WITH SEWING PURSES!  haha  Which is so funny because I have never been a big purse girl.  I mean, I ALWAYS carry a purse but I will use the same purse for years before I use a different one.  Now that I can sew, I have many!  Not to mention I love making them for other people.  I have a purse for my friends birthday, a diaper bag for my sister and a diaper bag for a friend in the works right now!  It is awesome.

Do you remember the give away I had a while ago to celebrate my one year anniversary with my sewing machine?!?  WELL, I am FINALLY getting around to posting pictures.  It took me a whole month to make it and I was waiting to here back from the girl who won to let me know she got it. It has been 2 weeks so let's cross our fingers she has it because it is probably LONG gone by now if she didn't get it.  I MUST remember to insure my packages from now on....

So here are the pictures.

So there is the front pocket which is the brown with the flowers.  Then the inside has two pockets; one which is bigger then the other.  Then we have the other side which doesn't have the middle pocket so I made a cuet brooch to pin on it that can be moved any where on the bag

I had some issues with this purse.  You are supposed to use a sturdy interfacing so the bag stays up on it's own and my cheap sewing machine didn't like it.  PLUS I bought sew in interfacing and had never used it and I hated it.  BOOOOOOOOOOO    The iron on kind is the ONLY way to go from now on...once my bolt of sew in kind is gone.  Check out how NON straight my top stitching was on the bias tape around the top

HOPEFULLY Crystal likes it!  :) 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Car Cozy for Colin

My friends boy turned 2 last month.  she kept saying how he was really into cars.  I thought, "I'll make him a car cozy!"  Then I had a million other things going on and didn't have time to make it.  SO a couple days before we left to go to Utah I got my butt in gear and FINALLY made it!  It turned out cute but I wish I would have had a little more time.  I was planning on putting in some stops signs, a yield sign and a Rail Road crossing sign but I just ran out of time.  Any ways, here is the finished product.

I also put Thomas the Train fabric on the outside so he could flip it over and ride his cars or trains on those tracks as well. I hope he liked it. We went and dropped it off at their house Friday morning and he was far to busy to see what I had made him. I totally understand. Maybe he was punishing me for not having it done ON his birthday like I should have. haha Either way, Tyler wants me to make him one because he thought it was SO cool. It was kind of a pain because the felt didn't want to stick to the fabric I choose with the iron on adhesive. I sewed them all down on all sides but the iron on adhesive was just so they didn't slide around while I was sewing them. Oh well. Next time I know to use different fabric and probably not felt. We'll see...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Made IT!

So Friday was a CRAZY day for me. I had a bunch of stuff to do and I got a phone call in the morning that made my day a little more complicated but in a GREAT way! The county that I live in puts out what they call a new comers guide that they put out twice as year with all the different things to do in our county and it has advertisements. I guess when they put it out each time they do a photo contest for the front cover. My friend Sarah called me and told me about it and I decided to enter. It had to be a picture taken in our county and it had to be of the FALL or WINTER theme. I entered this picture

I got a call Friday telling me I WON! YEAH! So they wanted me to come down and answer a few questions but they also wanted to take my picture. YIKES. It is SO much easier being BEHIND the camera instead of in front of it.

As I was getting ready and had a million things going through my head, I unplugged my flat iron and walked out of the bath room. Miss Kayla decided to walk passes me over to the flat iron and grab it. DOH! Her finger was red but not blistered. A couple of hours later she ate lunch and kept biting on her finger and irritated it and she got a HUGE blister. CRAP.

Well, then we headed out for Utah and we DROVE. It was a long drive and she got bored along the way. What better way to pass the time then to BITE HER BLISTER OFF! I now she is looking pretty beat up. Lots of medicine and a million band aides later, I hope she is healing. Crazy girl. Now we are in Utah and having fun. Pictures to come. :)
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