Monday, July 12, 2010

One Day!

I managed to sew a purse today during nap time! That is like, unheard of for me. It usually takes me at least 3 days to do one. Of course I am talking about SEWING only today. I already had it cut up and yesterday I ironed on the interfacing. The sewing was all I had to do. This was the pattern

I was NOT impressed with this pattern! The sad thing was this was the reason I hauled my booty out to JoAnns a couple of weeks ago when Simplicity patterns were on sale. I wanted this one so bad. I thought it was so cute and the pattern really disappointed me. If I had never sewn a purse before I would have been totally lost. I n fact, I don't even know if I would have been able to figure it out. The directions were very vague AND very LITTLE! there was like, a line for each step and that was it. I have seen better tutorials then this pattern. Of course, it was a super easy purse too so I guess it doesn't require too many directions any ways. The funny thing is the lady who made the pattern has an site. I saw this pattern on there ONLY for one of the purses and it was 10 dollars. Now this was a PDF file and it was probably MUCH better directions then what the pattern I bought gave. It probably has WAY more pictures too. However, I bought the pattern for 2 bucks on sale and got BOTH patterns. Okay okay...enough rambling. Here is the purse

I made some mistakes. The material I used was SUPER thin! I mean, you could see through it with no trouble at all. SO, I thought, "I will use super stiff interfacing to help out since the material sucks" Yikes was I wrong. Because of the pleats it makes the purse kind of weird. Also, the top is super rounded and the stiff interfacing ( and my cheap sewing machine! ) made it REALLY hard to sew on the top curves. It came out bumpy. I am sure once I iron it out it will look better but I am a little disappointed at the how the top turned out. I LOVE the green button though. I think it adds so much since the material has the little bit of green in it, it kind of pulls it all together and adds a little something. I am planning on giving this to my niece. My SIL Wendy had 3 girls, 2 boys and one more boy on the way! I want to make his a tie onesie, the girls purse, a crayon roll for the youngest boy and an Ipod sleeve for the older boy Joe. Hopefully I can actually get that done in the next couple of weeks before the baby is born.

Now I just need to buy some more material! I have TONS at my house already but the middle girl Genna is a tough one! I asked her what her favorite color is and she replied, "Silver sparkles!" haha Anyone got any silver glitter, sparkly material lying around at home you aren't using? If so, pass it my way!!!

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