Monday, July 19, 2010


WELL, it is late again tonight and I didn't get a chance to write my tutorial. Thanks for any and all concerns about my post from yesterday. Things got "fixed" and I think the only one who will remember it in 10 years is me and not Tyler. Funny story though which had nothing to do with my post yesterday, but Tyler was REALLY mad at me because he got put in time out after church. He told me I was NOT his mother ANY MORE! Finally he got mad because I wouldn't respond to him calling me MOM after that and I told him that I thought I wasn't his mother any more. He got even more mad. haah Once the little booger calmed down he told me, "Mom, you get to be in the family again!" HAHA Glad I made the cut after all.

No more broken promises for me so instead of saying I will post the tutorial tomorrow, I am going to say I will post it for SURE before Sunday! How's that for giving me some wiggle space.

Tomorrow Tyler gets to go to chuck-e-cheese with his cousin and his grandparents. He is extremely excited especially after he got some new Toy Story shoes and a Toy Story shirt ( that is in 3D and requires 3D glasses! ) today. Spoiled boy. He loves it too. He even took a nap! I got to work out TWICE! Once was only for 10 minutes but it was still wonderful. Thanks Jen for letting me borrow your stroller because we walked tonight before bed time and it was awesome. It was freaking hard pushing my fatties in a double stroller though. I was pushing an extra 70 pounds at LEAST! buns are gonna be sore tomorrow.


One Precious Life said...

You must be relieved to be back in the family.haha

Jackie said...

I love it!

Chuck-E-Cheese is a favorite around here. But only if Brigham poops on the potty :)

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Gotta love the double stroller workout! That's awesome you did two workouts too.

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