Friday, July 16, 2010


My sister Kim is so wonderful! She is such a great sister and wonderful wife. She has always wanted lots of kids. Growing up she said she wanted to have 5 boys! YIKES! haha She is super skinny but can eat more then two grown men. She is funny, energetic, and caring. She met her husband at church and they are very much in love. Here are some cute pictures I took of them in May when we went to Utah to visit everyone.

Aren't they cute? They are TONS of fun too. If you are hanging out with Kim and Ender, you will laugh and most likely, you will laugh hard. Ender is a fabulous, singer, dancer, actor, writer and Kim is a AWESOME dancer, dance couch, cheerleader couch and eater! :) Kim has been getting more into photography like me and had a photo she took of the St. Gorge Temple picked to be in a very high end photography store! Go Kim!

Just to give you some more insight to their personalities, here are a couple more photos I took of them goofing around

And my FAVORITE funny one I took from the shoot had to be this

They call this their evil laugh! HAHA Cracks me up. You can actually hear the laughter. And this last one, just shows them being so much in love and comfortable with each other

So why am I writing this? Remember that part I wrote about her wanting to have 5 boys? They have not been able to conceive and have decided it was time to adopt. I am so proud of them for making the decision and can't WAIT for someone to give their baby to them to be loved forever. My sister is the BEST with kids! She LOVES all her nieces and nephews and they all love her. It is no secret that Aunt Kimmie is everyone's favorite.

What about Ender you say...well the one picture I REALLY wanted to post of him on here involving a trampoline and Tyler doesn't seem to be on my lap top so I will have to post it a different time. But check this out of Kayla giving Ender lots of LOVES

Altogether now, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW" With the post I am asking if anyone knows ANYONE who is considering giving a baby up for adoption to keep my sister and her husband in mind. They will be WONDERFUL parents and are willing to have any baby! A lot of couples only want certain races and they say they would like a baby and that is pretty much the ONLY restriction. Go to their adoption page HERE and please pass this on to anyone. Anything will help. I am so happy for couples who get the chance to be parents who under "normal" circumstances might not have the chance to be. PLEASE go look and help them if you can!!!


Lauren said...

Bradlie was SOOOO in love with her aunt kimmy this weekend that I got the cutest pics of them together. TWICE I found Bradlie sleeping on Kimmy. Can't wait to post all of our pics from vacation. Miss you Katie!

Terrell said...

AWWW these pics are great!! I will for sure keep them in my prayers! My little angel is adopted, from India...and I wouldn't trade a moment of her for the world! Adoption is a great blessing and I hope your sister and her husband will be blessed very soon!
All the best!
~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

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