Monday, October 26, 2009

To Bang or Not To Bang?

I realize how bad this title sounds. Really it should be To Do Bangs or Not to do Bangs but it just doesn't sounds as good. haha I am still debating on cutting some tiny off to the side bangs. You know those, I don't really have bangs but sort of do thing?! Yeah...I'll decide one of these days. For now I am loving my new hair cut. Just thinking about the bangs. While I am talking about hair I thought I would post some pictures of clips I made recently. My friend Crystal has a daughter who loves snails. I saw some snail clips and asked her if she would be interested in me making her some. She said, "Bring it on!" and asked if I would make some other ones too. Awesome. Keep in mind this was like 3 or 4 months ago. SOOOOOOOO I tried making the snail clip and it didn't come out right. Crap. I tried a couple of times and didn't think it looked good so I kept putting it off. Finally one day while browsing on at hair clips, I saw another snail clip done differently then the way I had been trying. Not only was it SUPER easy, but I thought it was cuter anyways. So I got to work and after 3 months of promising clips I stayed up late one night and made some. Here is what I came up with for her.

Here is the snail clip. I made a matching one too I just only took a picture of one.

These ones I actually made right away but didn't want to send until I had more made.

I thought they all turned out cute. Sorry it took so long Crystal but I hope they get used! Then I went a head and made a head band for my cousin who was getting ready to have a girl. I am posting two pictures because the flash going off washed it out but then not having the flash wasn't the best either.

I posted pictures of this dress I made Kayla on my other blog

It is such a bad picture but I couldn't get her to stand still. There are some pleats in it too but again you can not tell in the picture. The true test was I washed it and it stayed together! haha But here is what it looked like BEFORE I made the dress.

I could NOT find the picture before so it never got posted. Now you have seen what it looked like before. Well, I really am NOT turning this into a crafting blog I swear. Just in anything goes blog and anything I think is not appropriate for my family blog will get dumped here. I have another blog I am posting but I have to take some pictures first so who knows how long it will take to do so. Hopefully not too long but Cody will be home again in two days which means no blogging for me late at night like I am doing right now. Oh well, I will make some time. Hopefully...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sock Monkey and New Purse

So my SIL made a sock monkey for her daughter for Christmas last year and I thought it was such a cute idea. I had been wanting to do it but didn't have a sewing machine and so on. Well once I got a machine I started looking at socks. I found skull and cross bone ones at our walmart and new I HAD to get them for the monkey. I read the direction and thought, "Well this should take me an hour tops!" Holy crap was I WRONG! I worked on it forever yesterday and FINALLY finished it at like 11:30! Tyler kept asking me if it was done so I wanted it to be finished when he woke up. I was originally making it for Kayla but I think it has officially been taken over by Tyler. So what do you think?

Also, I finished Myra's purse. Good thing too since TODAY is her birthday and I still have to mail it to her! haha What do you think? I just made it up as I went along and I think the finish product is cute. I am thinking about making one for me too. And I LOVE the fabric.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Life Is Good


Today I am thankful for thrift stores. SERIOUSLY. I bought tons of stuff for 6 bucks. I honestly think the chick rang me up wrong. She said 6 bucks and I said, "For all of it?" and she said yes! WEIRD. I will post pictures tomorrow because it is late, I am planning on waking up early and getting my hair cut and I didn't actually take the pictures yet. I am WAY excited about the stuff I got though. Also, I finished Myra's purse today. Hopefully I can get it mailed out tomorrow but we shall see. TONS of stuff for only six bucks.....can't beat that! Life is good...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I didn't do so hot on my thankful post but i will say this. I should NOT have started it right before Cody was getting ready to go on a trip. We were running around for like 3 or 4 days straight trying to do a bunch of stuff before he left and we were hardly home. I think I will pick up on it again soon and try again. For now I have decided that my crafting stuff will get posted here. I don't want to turn the family blog into the Katie's crafting corner and lately that is what it has been.

I am starting a new purse. Before I went a head and cut into my fabric that I paid a lot of money for, I decided to do a practice run on some scraps I had laying around. It ended up turning out SO cute! haha I love the colors and how everything turned out. This is going to sound mean, and I TOTALLY don't mean for it to be BUT I was going to use a pattern I found on line. Maybe I just got spoiled with the first bag I did because the directions and pictures were amazing, it was hard to mess it up. YOu can find it HERE This is the one I was going to do here and I was really excited about it. Not only is the bag really cute, but there are SO many people making them on line using here directions and I keep finding it on everyone's craft blogs. So I bring up the directions yesterday and start to read them. I get to about the fourth direction down and decided to just make it however I thought it should be. I thought the directions were awful and she didn't even give the measurements for some of the steps which left me guessing and making it up as I went a long any ways. SO really I made this bag all on my own. Here is what I came up with

For the inside I used a fabric that I got for 25 cents recently at a local craft store. When I got it home and opened it up it had a HUGE permanent marker #7 with a big circle around it RIGHT in the middle of the fabric. Seriously? I guess that is why it was 25 cents. So I used that as the inside lining so it wouldn't be visible any ways. Take it permanent marker! Too bad for me the orange fabric on the outside is really thin so you can still kind of see it through the fabric on the outside! haha Oh well. Like I said it was my practice bag and I have NO IDEA what to do with it now.

NOW, I am about to start on my REAL one. It's for my friends birthday. She doesn't read this so I feel I can tell all. I bought cute Owl fabric since she is my reason for the love of owl's. We had an inside joke about them that exploded into a 8 or 9 year collection of Owls, which will keep on going especially since Owls are so popular now! Who knew that would ever happen. It makes me laugh. Let's hope the "real" bag ends up SUPER cute! So for now I am off to start cutting my fabric and figuring out exactly how I am going to sew it. No pattern here this time and if you know the person who invented the other one, I was not trying to be rude I swear! It just didn't do me any good and I am sure half of that is because I am not an experienced sewer yet. So for those who are, try her pattern and let me know how it goes. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thankful day 3

I am so thankful for my kids! They bring so much joy to my life and I don't know what I would do without them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thankful day 2

I LOVE MY IN LAWS! I mean seriously, Cody and I talk about this all the time how we both got lucky because neither of us have crazy parents! haha I think everyone has those nightmare in laws but we don't! YEAH! Look what I got in the mail today from my mother and father in law

Isn't it gorgeous!? It is a big canvas print of my girl! I FREAKING LOVE IT! Can NOT wait to hang it next to the one I already have on the wall of Tyler! I'm so lucky!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thankful Day 1

Today I am thankful for Halloween fabric! Seriously, the best fabric ever is Halloween fabric :) It is sooooooooooooo colorful and fun and makes anyone happy. I started a Halloween quilt when I was a senior in high school and I am FINALLY going to tie it! haha The top has been done all these years but I didn't know how to tie it and so it just never got done. I took it to my church Friday because the old ladies go down there and quilt on Fridays. I figured they would think my quilt was weird and they all LOVED IT! haha Even old ladies who like flowers and very girly things like Halloween fabric! I just bought some Halloween fabric I am excited about but haven't decided what to make yet. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I was browsing some other blogs and got a good idea from one. This lady did a thankful month and I thought it was so nice. So I am going to start on Monday. I hate starting it when the month already started but I would also hate waiting so long to start it. Since this blog hasn't been used much and I may want to get personal with this. Just in case I'm putting it here. Hope you will enjoy reading it and that you may be inspired to do a thankful month as well!
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