Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art Exchange

The art exchange sounds fun to me! Basically what happens is you make something artsy. You get an address from me of someone to send it to ( and their blog address so you can get to know them first if you want ) and then you mail it to them. You find 6 people who want to play along and give them MY address. This way we all get fun things in the mail. I did this once before with Flip Flops. I didn't end up getting any in the mail but my sister got a pair or two. It is fun in theory if everyone plays along.

The "art" can be anything really. A photograph. A handmade card. Something you sew. Something you create. Jewelry you make. ANYTHING!

I would LOVE to see what I get in the mail. This is so cool sounding to me but I know it isn't for everyone. You SHOULD get 6 things in the mail because I am only doign this with people who WANT to do it. SO let me know. I think I have 3 people now...right? 3 more people. If anything, you will have a fun new blog to look at. The blog address I got was this one HERE I absolutely LOVE the blog and now subscribe. So all good things will come. 3 more spots people 3 MORE! Let me know.


Elizabeth said...

I would love to participate! You can email me at freckledfancies@gmail.com.

Kitty Talk said...

I will let you know Elizabeth as soon as I get two more people! YEAH! Let me know if you know any one who might want to join in on the fun.

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