Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I made an apron for my friend Katrina a couple of weeks ago. She had done a photo shoot for me while I was wearing one and she kept telling me how cute it was. FINALLY I made her one. I had looked at aprons on line for a while and decided which kind I wanted to make and then I just winged it. I didn't have a pattern or anything to go off of really but pictures. I think it turned out cute.

I really wanted to add some pockets BUT I started this at 9:30 in the evening and she was coming over the next day so I HAD to finish it that night. I decided at 1 in the morning the pockets were NOT gonna happen. haha Would it have been a little cuter with them? YES BUt I think it still turned out pretty darn cute with out them too!


I literately didn't use the internet for about 4 or 5 days straight!  My in laws were here and I was busy baking and cleaning and packing.  So then Sunday and Monday I used it for a total of about 30 minutes.  My son REALLY loves using the internet.  Since Mommy hadn't of been on the computer then that means he didn't really get to use it either.  He was DYING to use it.  This morning however I told him it was MY turn to use it for a little while.  I was trying to think of things to write about because I haven't been putting pictures on my lap top.  So here you go.  Kind of a simple project that won't apply to everyone.  But hey, for those it applies to you I hope you enjoy it.

I was going to be taking pictures of my friends new born and I was browsing the internet for ideas.  I like to do this before I do a shoot to get inspired and get myself in the mood.  Then I saw something and decided I HAD to make one for the shoot.  Check it out

Okay so most of you probably think this is ugly or ridiculous but I loved it!  I put this picture of facebook and my mom left a comment saying, "Where did you get that ugly hat!"  I wrote, "I made it!  Don't be a hater mom because I didn't make you one too."  I don't care that she didn't like it.  I thought it was funny actually.  But for those who take pictures often or have a new born and want to take pictures of them in a cute little hat like this, MAKE IT YOURSELF.  I looked these up on etsy.com and most people wanted 30 dollars for them.  Do you know how I did it?  I took a beanie, cut a little off around the bottom and then just started gluing flowers into it.  The hat really should be a little fuller then this but I ran out of flowers.  It probably cost me about 3 dollars to make this as opposed to the 30 dollars they wanted for it on etsy.  NICE! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Forgive me...

Forgive me for the absence. We are going CRAZY packing boxes and trying to keep the kids entertained at the same time. We are leaving on Sunday and it seems like SO far away, yet REALLY close at the same time. Hopefully next week some time I will be ready to post some more blogs. I have things to post, just NO time. I might have some time on Wednesday and Thursday so there is till hope! :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Skull Hat

I have been planning to make myself a hat since I was in Utah.  I had even bought all the material I needed.  It was planned in my head.  I was so excited.  Well folks, i FINALLY made it and it didn't turn out as cute as I was hoping. Also, it is slightly tight!  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 

These pictures were taken with my cell phone so they aren't the best but it's really cute. I am hoping maybe I can sell it to someone. I tried wearing it the other day and after just about 10 minutes it started bugging me because of the size. Good thing for me I have MORE then enough material to make me another one in a bigger size. So any takers on my skull hat? I want to put something cute on it off to the side like a black bow or something. I have so much more to write about but not time. Christmas is too close and we are SO far from having our house packed up. Also, we have NO house to move into yet but we are moving on the 2nd. S T R E S S

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Pictures

I got new pictures of my kids up on my wall....just in time to move!  HA  BUT I got them up and they are tready for the next house.  :)   Here they are

Aren't they cute!? I LOVE That I have a printer that prints that big and looks that good and all I have to do when I want a pictures as big as 16 X 20 is walk into my other room and print one out! AWESOME! My sister took the picture of Kayla and it was a full body shot so I had to crop it. Also, she isn't wearing a shirt in the picture and I felt weird about putting up a picture of her with I AM A CHILD OF GOD on it with her nipples showing! haha So I cropped that out too and I love how it came out.

We have celebrated some birthdays around here. My boy turned FIVE on the 1st of December and we had a Chuck-e-cheese party for him. I don't have any of the pictures edited and shrunk but one so here is me and my Boy!

We also celebrated my husbands birthday on the 8th. We didn't really do anything. I had Tyler pick him out a birthday card and Walmart and this is what he picked out

I about died laughing in Walmart over the fact that he picked it. He liked it because it was Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story. heehee

I have ACTUAL sewed this week so hopefully later on today I will get up my latest sewing adventure on here. Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Only In Texas

Well, I am sad to say my "Only in Texas" post will be ending shortly BUT I have one for y'all!  We had a yard sale on Saturday and this old man stops.  He does a walk through and then goes straight over to Cody and asks, "Do you have any fishing equipment, knives or guns?"  Cody says, "Nope."  and he says, "Okay thanks." and gets in his car and leaves!  HAHA  Only in Texas. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Self Binding

Do you remember my post forever ago about the self binding receiving blankets ? WELL, if you don't, click on the link. I FINALLY finished the blanket I was working on for my friend KP. She is having her second girl. I think it turned out cute. I had a slight issue because the pokadots flannel that I bought was misshapen. The guy who was cutting it for me notice and cut me extra so I could try and fix it. He told me if I took opposite corners and stretch it would help. I did so and I got it ALMOST back to it's original shape but it was slightly off, which meant my blanket was slightly off too. I think it's not bad for a first timer though and I will be making many more of these cute blankets!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bringing Christ Back

A lot of blogs are going up about bring CHRIST back into Christmas.  He is after all what CHRISTmas is ALL about.  Over the years the world has turned the holiday into nothing more then that...a holiday.  I am happy that it seems to still be centered around families but it is all for the wrong reasons.  We have a family at church who are newer to the church.  They decided that this year the kids wouldn't get presents and the kids themselves SAID THAT WAS OKAY!  They are 11 and 12!  Pretty amazing if you ask me!  My kids are just WAYYYY to little to be understanding that one, but maybe in a few years we can try it.

Any ways.  One of our lessons in church this last sunday was all about bringing CHRIST back into Christmas.  I had a strong feeling come over me that it would be important to take notes and write a blog about it.  After all, even if this encourages just ONE of you to put CHRIST back into Christmas I would feel blessed.  So here are my notes and I hope that it is helpful to all who read.  If you have some of your own ideas, leave me a comment and maybe I'll write another blog in a couple of days with more suggestions.


1.  Study your Bible ( scriptures )  What better way to be more focused on Christ then to be reading about him and his life through the Bible.

2. Pray in the NAME of Christ.  This depends on your religion and beliefs but it we always end our prayers by saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN"  It helps you remember who you are talking to and WHY you are speaking to him.

3.  Decorate with CHRIST in mind.  Not snowmen and candy canes but the manger scene and things that remind us of his birth.

4.  Christmas music.  Some people start playing this as early as the October but if you don't get into the whole Christmas music thing ( which I do not I am sad to say ) start now with some spiritual songs of Christ and that are centered on his birth.

5.  Entertainment ( I left the room on this one because my daughter was throwing a fit!  haha  so go with your gut on this.  )  Choose entertainment that would help you feel closer to Christ or that would help you or your kids understand the circumstances surrounding his birth.

6.  Leave scriptures about Christ and quotes about him all over your house.  My mom likes to leave sticky notes on her mirror in her bathroom.  Some where that you KNOW you will see and read at least once or twice a day!

7.  Keep a Christmas journal.  I am a journal FREAK!  I love them!  This is a great idea to start with young kids too.  If they are too young to start one themselves, then start one for them.  Then when they get older they can add their own stories and experiences to it.

8.  TALK about Christ!  To any one and every one!

9. Serve others.  There is no better way to feel good inside then to help other people.  For the most part people are more receptive to help during the holidays so get out there and serve people all around you.

10.  Give Christ a spiritual.  What is a spiritual gift you ask?  Well, here is list number two of some of the possible spiritual gifts we can give Him.

Spiritual gifts

1.  Serving  (we talked about it already)  The scriptures say if you are in the service of your men, you are in the service of God!  Would we serve God if he came to our house/town/State ?  HECK YES WE WOULD, so serve our fellow beings and we ARE serving God.  I try and keep this in mind while Christmas shopping since everyone gets so crazy about it.  Smile at people who cut you off and steal the thing you were reaching for.  Maybe they just need someone to be nice to them to help them feel the spirit that they are lacking inside.

2. LOVE  goes along with number one.  You can't help but love someone you serve and vice versa.  If you love someone you WANT to serve them.  Do we love Christ?  Let's show him!

3.  Have a humble heart

4.  Keep his commandments.  "If you love me, keep my commandments"  He asks just a few minor things of us. One of them was to keep his commandments which are pretty darn easy.  I have the whole, "Do not murder" one DOWN!  haha  But seriously, keep his commandments.  I am sure this would make him very pleased!

5.  REPENT-  if you think you have something hanging over you that you have not repented of, turn yourself over to him and repent of it.  Life that ton of weight off of yourself.  I am actually speaking in church on Sunday about this very topic.  Repentance is SUCH an important part of life.  Christ wants us to be happy and it's hard to feel happy when you are dwelling on a past mistake.  Get over it and give it over to him.  Ask for forgiveness and let him forgive you!

6.  Pray with a sincerity!  DO you ever get in a rut where you pray because you KNOW you are supposed to but don't change up what you say?  I do this constantly and I am always trying to change things up so Tyler hears thats I don't say the same thing over and over.  It's important to pray from the heart and not to memorize someone and spit it out every time you kneel down to pray.

7.  Study the scriptures daily!  Boy do I need some work on this one.  It's important.  Give up 10 minutes of blogging and read your scriptures.  Your day will go by some much better, I promise.

8  Lastly, give THANKS in all things.  We owe EVERYTHING to Christ!  He gave up his life for us.  Let's give him thanks by bringing him back into the holiday that is SUPPOSED to be centered around him anyways!  BRING CHRIST BACK INTO CHRISTMAS!

I LOVE Jesus Christ very much.  He is my reason for everything.  Help me bring him back by reposting this or writing your own blog about bringing him back to Christmas.  Don't forget to leave me comments with any other spiritual gifts we could give him or other ways to bring CHRIST back into Christmas! Thanks for reading and I hope every one is having a very blessed day!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Apologies

I apologize for not blogging much lately.  I have good reasons...my husband has just accepted a new job with his company.  It means NO MORE TRAVEL for him but it also means moving.  And we have to move quick!  He starts his new job January 7th.  So we are moving from the great state of Texas and going to good old California!  For those who do not know me outside of the blog world, I grew up in Southern California so it will be nice for me to be there for a couple of years with friends, the beach and some other great things.  Mainly, it will be SO nice to have my husband home EVERY NIGHT!  Also, we are closer to both set of grandparents.  So there are many pluses and of course minuses too.  We don't want to leave Texas ( we like it here! ) and wed don't want to leave our friends and in laws around the corner.  That will be sad for us BUT we look forward to moving back here as soon as my husband finishes his masters degree in a few years and will HOPEFULLY be able to find a job in Austin or Dallas. 

SO for the next coming weeks my post will be few and far between but I DO have some planned for this coming week IF I can get around too it because I also have a LOT to do this week.  I have to speak in church on Sunday, also prepare my gospel doctrine lesson, Tyler has to get shots tomorrow because he turned FIVE and has his yearly check up, my husbands birthday is on Wednesday and then we have a party and possibly a photo shoot on Saturday.  LOTS going on.  Also packing and TRYING to clean because we have a real estate agent coming over on Tuesday to look at the house.  Sheesh.  Someone shoot me.  I PRAY I don't gain a thousand pounds from all the stress.

Until next time...( hopefully it won't be too long! )

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirate Party ARRRRRRRR

My boy just turned 5 yesterday! YIKES!!! I can't believe he is 5 already. We were having a chuck-e-cheese party for him when we got back to Texas but we wanted to have a family party in Utah before we left. SO we had a PIRATE PARTY! Why a pirate party? because they had pirate party stuff at the Dollar Tree! haha And we got what we paid for. I put up the HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign and my husband says, "Whats up with the two A's?" I looked at the sign and it still took me forever to figured it out. It was spelled HAAPPY. I guess that's pirate for "happy". Heehee I swear I took a picture of the sign but can't find one. If I ever find it, I will post one. My sister and her husband are not afraid to have fun or to look silly when doing so. I told them we were having a pirate party and they decided it was gonna be a costume party since THEY wanted to dress up...haha Tyler didn't really have anything so I made him a shirt. I think it turned out really cute!

Of course it is turning my picture again! Go figure. Our party was lots of fun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So...I LOVE broccoli! Especially when I am trying really hard to be good about the South Beach diet. I ran to the store and bought some organic broccloi the day before Thanksgiving for dinner. I brought it home and started to cut it while my dad was grilling us some steak and to my surprise I found BUGS! LOTS OF THEM!!! Check it out

Here they are close up!

I like getting organic and I like being green but that's TOO GREEN FOR ME! haha YUCK!

Oh and just so you know I did NOT eat the broccoli. I threw it straight in the trash ( right after I took the pictures! )

Friday, November 19, 2010


YEAH!  I have something crafty to post!  haha  I feel like I have been doing all sorts of crafty stuff but not finishing anything so I have nothing to show y'all.  Tonight I am going to share two things.  The first being a present for my sister.  I made my new cutie pie nephew a bow tie onesie!  AND I made his daddy a matching Bow tie!  I can't WAIT to see it on the two of them so if the bow tie doesn't fit I am going to be SO sad!  I am also ( one of these days ) gonna make my sister a flower brooch out of the same material so they can all three be matchy matchy but in a cute non annoying way....at least I think it would be subtle enough to be cute.  What do you think of the bow tie and the onesie?

The second crafty thing I have for y'all is technically not a finished product.  I mean, it's FINISHED  but it is a miniature version of what I was planning on making tonight ( but ran out of time ).  My mom had a list of things she wanted to do with me while I was here.  One of the things she wanted to do was figured out how to make self binding receiving blankets.  We looked up some tutorials and one of the comments someone left said to practice on a small scrap peice of fabric the first time you try it.  I am SO glad I read the comment and did that because the first one I did, I did it WRONG!  The second one however, was a success!  Check it out

Isn't it SO pretty?!  I know it is hard to tell because I used two pieces of the same fabric, but these blankets look so good and so professional.  I am planning on making one out of some REALLY cute flannel I bought yesterday for a friend of mine from college.  She is having her second girl and I haven't seen her in years.  She doesn't even know I am making her something but I thought it was a good opportunity to try out the tutorial and send someone something nice.  I can't wait to post pictures of a done product!  I plan on making some of these to sell because they are just too easy, always wanted and freaking CUTE!  haha

In case anyone else wants to try their hand at these bad boys, here are the tutorials I found.  I would read ALL three of them so you will understand.  You might want to read the comments too because that's where I saw to make a small version out of scrap fabric first and I am SO glad I did.

Piece N Quilt
Fabric Family Fun
Everyday Mom

Go check them out and give it a try...I bet you become hooked too! Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Nephew

I FINALLY went to the doctor and he said my sickness was a cold that turned into a sinus infection. The good news; I wasn't contagious which meant I FINALLY got to meet my new nephew and hold him. he is SO sweet!

I even got a picture of him smiling!

Ain't he a CUTIE!?!  I can't wait to do a photoshoot with him.  These pictures were taken just while he was sleeping at my moms house while we were getting ready for the baby shower.  He slept ALLLLL day yesterday.  My sister kept saying "Oh great I am gonna have to be up ALL night with him now!"  I kept laughing because when my boy Tyler was 2 weeks old we came to Utah so every one could see him.  The first two days we were there he was literately held EVER second of the day and the third night we were there he was up ALL night because the second I would lay him down he would cry.  So I sat up holding him ALLLLLL night.  My husband woke up at 6:30 and I was sitting up in the bed with Tyler in my lap.  He said, "What are you doing?"  and I burst into tears!  haha  I said, "I have been up with him all night because if I lay him down he cries."  My husband was so sweet and said, "Give him to me and go back to bed."  I got to sleep for 2 hours.  WOO HOO  So I yelled at everyone that day to NOT hold him.  I kept putting him on the couch and they would sneak over and pick him up any ways.  Grrrrrr  I kept reminding her of that.  haha  I'll have to call her later and see if she got any sleep or not.

Congrats Kim and Ender and most of all Baby Jacob for being such a great baby! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Identity Theft

How often do you check your bank accounts and credit cards in a week? How about in a day? My husband is awesome and he checks our bank accounts daily....in fact, I think he checks them two or three times a day. He is on the computer a lot for work and school so why not. Well, because of this he has been able to catch identity theft on one of his accounts TWICE this year. Last night he noticed something was off and saw a $1100 charge from another country for an air line ticket. He called the bank right away and they asked him about 20 times if he was SURE he had his card and didn't lose it. He was holding it. They canceled it and are over nighting him a new one. The last time he caught something it was actually kind of weird and annoying. He noticed two charges on Heritage.com which is an ancestry web site. You know, where you can look up people from your family and do your family history. We thought it was WEIRD that someone would identity theft us for that. We called the bank and the lady gave my husband a bunch of crap about it. "Are you sure it wasn't your wife?" He kept telling her, I have my OWN card so why would I use his and I was sitting right next to him saying it wasn't me. She kept insisting it must have been me because who would identity theft someone for such a weird thing. We agreed it was weird but were annoyed she didn't believe us.

Any ways. The point in this post is to say CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS PEOPLE! Daily! my husband said something about him just being paranoid and I said NO YOU ARE SMART! It is smart to make sure you check it once a day to save yourself and your family from some major trouble. Thanks sweet husband of mine! You rock!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Do you like to blog hop? I LOVE it! I find a popular blog that does the blog hop, and then I find anything I think is cute and click on it. Then if I like the look of the blog I hit the HOME button and start going through their whole blog. Sometimes, I stay at someone's blog for like 3 days straight because I want to see EVERYTHING they have ever blogged about. It can be very time consuming so I only do it when I have nothing to do or if I am talking to my husband on the computer, like I am right now. I am in Utah and he is still in California so we talk on MSN messenger after the kids go to bed. It's fun.

Any ways. Sometimes I come across the FUNNIEST blogs! Not because they are meant to be funny but because they are not a good crafter and think they are, or they use the ugliest fabric for stuff or they just have the complete opposite taste as me. I just found one tonight that I WISH I could share so y'all could get a good laugh too but I think that would be really mean on me. So I guess all the laughing will be on my part. My mom and I were just staring at her stuff laughing because she not only thought it was all awesome ( which I am sure I have plenty of things on MY blog here people don't like and think are ridiculous too! ) but she takes pictures of herself that you can tell she thinks are awesome pictures. I don't really like doing pictures of myself on here unless I have to or I think something is funny. Otherwise I like to stay out of it. Some times there is no way around it though.

I know my crafting is ALL over the place sometimes but recently I have found myself in love with hair clips again. I bought a bunch of feathers and have been playing with those. It is funny to me because I would NEVER wear any of the the clips I have been making because they just aren't me, but for some reason I am LOVING making them. Weird right?! Again, does anyone else do this? Do you make things you would never wear or use yourself but for some reason find yourself wanting to make them?

Any ways. I have a couple of things on my to-do list before I leave Utah to head back to Texas. My mom wants to start a quiet book for my niece so I have been helping with that. We also want to learn how to do the self binding recieving blankets. I have read some tutorials but haven't tried it yet. I know several people who are having babies so next week some time I think I am gonna go buy some snuggle flannel and try it out. They look very tricky, but really easy at the same time. Then I have another hat to make. This time, for myself. I feel a little corny making myself a hat BUT I am not putting the big ruffle on it OR the huge flower. I am also using some skull and cross bone material. Heehee It is gonna be really cute if I can get around to doing it. then I have a bunch of hair bows and some purses that I HOPE to get around to making. My sisters best friend Beki just had a baby and she asked if I would make her a diaper bag. I told her if she bought the fabric I would be more then happy to sew it and send it her way so we'll see if she buys the fabric before I go home or not. For now, I think that completes the list. I am SO sad I have been missing out on so much cool and fun blog contest and things. I missed purse week, which I would have LOVED to do, I missed knock off week at Sew Much Ado and I think there was one other one I missed recently. I really think I want to do my OWN purse week here. Not that I have many followers and have no clue if anyone will join me but maybe sometime after Christmas I will do that. I think it would be fun. Oh....that is one more thing I want to add to my list, I have a green bag that rolls up and fits into my purse I want to make my own version of. And the list goes on...

What are y'all making right now? Anything cool?

I swear I have been busy here in Utah and just to prove to you I haven't been sitting around on my butt doing nothing, here are some pictures of some things we have done

Went to Tommy's in Barstow California and turned this into

THIS! Looks gross doesn't it!?! It is so freaking good. The first time I took my husband to Tommy's he thought I was crazy and then he tried it! It is SO good!

Then we went and bought How To Train Your Dragon of which I have STILL not even watched

Had a mud and puddle splashing day while little sister was taking a nap ( Tyler thought this was the BEST thing ever! )

Tried on funny glasses at Walmart

Went to a pumpkin patch with Aunt Kimmie

Went to the Senior Olympics to watch my dad compete in the long jump and Javelin Check out this SCARY old woman who was competing

Rumor has it she was banned for a couple of years for using steroids. BIG SHOCKER THERE! haha

Went and saw my handsome little nephew Seth and Niece Bradlie ( and had my brother run his wives car into mine...Booooooo )

Have seen LOTS of gorgeous sunsets

More food

Watched 3D movies with Grampa and grandma

Fun on the trampoline

had a baby shower for my sister ( Birth mom on the left, Ender and then Kim )

Took pictures for them!

and took some mock wedding pictures of my sister and her husband at the temple. I am telling you that is only the tip of the ice burg! We have done LOTS more. I'll post more another time. I need to go to bed. Good night Y'all!

Getting In The Way

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! I have wanted to blog but I have been super busy visiting friends in California. I was gone for a week and just got back last night. I am feeling like crap too but I had a story to blog about. It actually happened a couple of weeks ago and I kept telling myself I needed to blog about it but kept forgetting.

So my sister and I are thrift store shopping while the kids were taking naps with my parents. I SCORED! I got 6 shirts, two dresses and a purse for $29.50! At one of the thrift stores my sister ( who is really tiny ) was down on the floor in a corner going through this plastic container full of cloth napkins and scrap fabric. All of the sudden this old woman ( when I say old I mean like in her 80's ) just sqeezes her way between my sister and the plastic container putting her bum in my sisters face. Then RIGHT as she is in my sisters face she PASSES GAS and then says, "Oh excuse me!" HAHAHAHAHA Hilarious! I didn't know about it at the time because I was a couple of feet away and I am glad because I think I would have laughed so hard I would have peed myself. Oh the joys of being an 80 year old woman. My friend Amy always says she can't wait until we are little old grumpy ladies going to the thrift stores together. :)

And hopefully tomorrow or later on today I will have some crafty pictures for y'all. I will be back in Texas at the end of the month and then the blogs should pick up again. I HATE not getting to blog but it has just been crazy lately. I have some projects in my head that I HOPE to get out soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I know I have been boring lately ( I say Boring because that is what my sister told me ). I have been doing phase one of the South Beach diet again, and so far I have lost another 8 pounds. I am WAY excited because I bought a pair of jeans today and they were a size 14! Most people would think that was big but for me I have always had big thighs and a booty. :) I was a size 13 when I got married so I am not TOO far off any more. I haven't been a size 14 since I got pregnant with Tyler. That was over 5 years ago.

Any ways. I am off to visit my husband and some friends for the next week. I MAY mot be on here until next Thursday but we shall see. Until then, hope everyone is having a great November ( seriously....it is November already! )

Monday, November 1, 2010

Did I Mention I Love Purses

My friend got her purse today so I get to post pictures! YEAH! I really liked how the purse turned out. My friend Sarah is girly and loves pink. I had to really draw deep and fine my inner girl. I knew she was in there some where. Skull and cross bones weren't gonna go over well with her. So pink it was.

The buttons I added made it feel kind of vintagey and I thought really made the purse!

Happy LATE Birthday Sarah!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more

I have a funny picture for y'all. My sister back in May took this picture of me trying to take pictures of the Salt Lake City Utah Mormon Temple GO HERE to see it.

While I was trying to sew my sisters diaper bag my girl was crawling all over me! She was like a baby monkey clinging to her momma's back. My mom took this picture.

Not an attractive picture of me AT ALL but I thought it was funny. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done! haha

PS I think my COMPUTER is what is wrong with the way the photos keep uploading. The reason I say so is because all of the sudden facebook is loading my pictures sideways too....strange....


I am experimenting tonight with my picture uploading. my friend suggested I try picasa so tonight I think I will. I am crossing my fingers this works well for me.

Here is more Halloween costumes. My sister Kristy has lived in Utah for the last 9 years or so. My other sister Kim has only been here a little over a year and I only lived here for 4 months when Cody and I first got married. I have ALWAYS thought the women here have a strange fashion sense. In fact my husband live here his whole life until we moved to Texas 6 and a half years ago and he hates it too. We call the "bump" on the back of the head with hair "Utah hair" :) Don't be offended if this is you I am talking about....if you live here it's normal. If you don't...welll...it's not. haha They have BIG hair in Texas too, it is just a different kind of big. ANY WAYS My sister Kim, the one who has lived here a year or so, decided to be a Utah Housewife for Halloween and it was hilarious. We do however realize that no one but US got it, and most people probably thought she looked cute. heehee Here is a picture of her "costume"

I have another picture of her whole body on my phone I will email myself later so I can post. She also has the skinny jeans on with boots on top of them and a huge black leather purse! You can't tell in the picture but her hair is HUGE up top and she was a bunch of Twilight pins on her shirt. She also painted her nails a dark color. Tyler kept asking her, "Aunt Kimmie where is your costume" We kept trying to explain it but it was lost on him! haha

Picasa wouldn't work for me either...I just can't figure computer crap out I guess so I switch it back to the old up loader. I am SAD about it because it makes the pictures so much smaller BUT I am happy that I can at least put more pictures up with out them being turned the wrong way! Here are a couple more from Halloween

WOW! I forgot how much slower the old uploader is too.....
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