Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have been dying to post some blogs. I got home late Saturday after a long day. It started out at 7 in the morning after hardly any sleep. Then some sick kids and some throw up. Kayla threw up in my sisters car on the ride down to the air port. Booooo We had to stop off and change her clothes and clean everything up. We ended up BARELY making our flight. In fact, we went to the wrong terminal and when I asked for tags for the car seats, one of the other attendants noticed and helped us get to the right terminal which was right next to us. We were the last people on the flight. Lucky for me the kids were awesome. Tyler didn't give me any problems and Kayla slept the last 40 minutes or so of the flight. I was so worried she was gonna throw up on the plane but she didn't. I was also worried she was gonna scream because the day before we came home I took her to the doctor and she had an ear infection! Boooooo again.

We got home and as we were walking out to the car she puked again. A LOT TOO! Poor thing was covered. We changed her again and got all settled in to drive the two hours it takes to get home. It was so nice walking into our house. Besides the fact that it was a horrible mess. Sunday we woke up and Tyler was sick too. The day consisted of Tyler coughing, sneezing, sniffling and laying on the couch. Kayla followed me around the house crying. I couldn't be more then 2 feet away from her without her crying. It was awful. It has pretty much been this way since then. I have been dying to post some things though and my time is limited. I wanted to show you some patterns I bought.

Check out the cute purse pattern i got on sale for 2 bucks

I already made one of the purse too! Check it out

This is actually the inside of the purse. This purse is technically reversible unless you don't want a pocket on the outside of your purse. It is a really easy pattern too

This purse is the perfect size too!

Then I bought this:

My sister's got me on an apron kick! She is making all the girls aprons for "Christmas" you know that holiday that was several months ago! haha Just teasing Kim. And lastly I got this one:

My mom and I bought this one and I plan on making it soon. It is gonna be my mom's birthday present which was right before I went to Utah. I told her I wanted to make her a purse and she told me to wait until I got there and we could pick out a pattern and material together. We kept putting if off and it ended up getting done the day before I left! haha That is okay though because I had all of my interfacing at home any ways.

So that is it for the patterns. I bought some more at the thrift store for 50 cents a piece but I didn't take pictures of them yet. More to come. I have all sorts of blogs I need to write so hopefully over the next couple of days I can get at least one written a day!

Wish me good luck because I started the South Beach Diet today! I am hungry.... haha but it is time for me to have my mid day snack. MMMMMMMM

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One Precious Life said...

Too bad the kidies are sick, I hope they feel better soon. Glad to have you back though. Been missing your blogs.

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