Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tutorial Fun

I did some tutorials this morning before the kids got up and I LOVE them! Check them out. The first one being THIS flower at the end of the dress tutorial. This was my version

I like it BUT I am dumb. It said to do 9 petals and I decided to only do 7 and basically I should have done 9! haha Oh well. It still looks cute. The colors I did are for the apron I am working on. Not sure which flower I am going to use yet but here is the other tutorial I used HERE for another flower. Here is my version

I think I am going to use the second one on the apron but we shall see when it is all done. I only have one more day. YIKES! I hope I can get it finished without staying up to late tomorrow night.

So for a little funny...My boy had to draw a picture on Sunday of his family doing something he loved. This was Tyler's picture

Wild guess which one is ME?

Yup...That's me!

1 comment:

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Cute Flower. Clark's involved Fighter jets. I guess that qualifies as peacekeepers...

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