Sunday, June 6, 2010


My poor daughter just won't get better! We went to the doctor and she still has her ear infection and lots of mucus in her nose. Her doctor gave her a new antibiotic and some cough syrup. HE also gave Tyler the same cough syrup and a different antibiotic. I was very hopeful. Yesterday Kayla started getting little bumps all over her. We were wondering if she was allergic to her new medicine or was breaking out in chicken poxs. We put her to sleep and at about 1 in the morning she started throwing up. I changed her clothes, took her sheets off and put down a big blanket and put her back to bed. About an hour later she threw up again ( I hadn't even fallen back asleep yet! ). I changed her clothes again, put down another blanket, went back to bed and before I knew it she was throwing up again. This time I just just left her in her diaper, put a new blanket down and rocked her for what felt like forever. It was probably 20 minutes or so. I put her down and she just started balling. So I came out to the living room and put stuff on the couch and was going to sleep with her on the couch and but she ended up falling back asleep before I was ready. This was at about 4 in the morning. I am feeling like total crap too because my allergies have gone crazy but coupled with the no sleep has me feeling awful. I was REALLY hoping to get to church. Oh well.....Maybe next week.

I REALLY would like to be updating this with fun stuff. Hopefully tomorrow. I did an engagement shoot yesterday and the pictures turned out really cute so I will be posting some pictures on my photography blog soon. Hopefully your weekend was better!

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Jackie said...

Yuck is right! You guys get better over there!

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