Friday, June 11, 2010

Cup cakes

It is my SIL birthday tomorrow and we always go out to eat on Friday nights. So I decided to make cup cakes. I had this cup cake idea I have been wanting to use and I FINALLY got to do it. The best part was I read a recipe that said to put pudding into the cake mix and so I tried it and it was AMAZING! MMMMMMMMMM But then I tried a new frosting recipe and it SUCKED! Boooooooooooo Good thing the cake was so freaking good to make up for it. I think they turned out cute too. What do you think?

What you do is take a marshmallow and cut it into 5 pieces. I would then just take a piece and pinch one of the tips in then lay it on the cup cake. Then after I had the flower together, I poured the sugar down on the flower. Then I took another color of sugar and put it right in the center. They looked cute. Then I took the extra cake mix and made a mini cake. I really didn't know how to decorate this one because my sucky frosting I made was not spreading well AT ALL! So I just used a cookie cutter and made a design.

So I have something funny to tell you. We got home from dinner and I wanted to get comfortable. I went and got a pair of PJ bottoms and fixed them real quick because they always fall off of me. I was feeling all good after I did that and I went in the bathroom to take my bra off and a bunch of pebbles came out! SERIOUSLY! Apparently after dinner my daughter had a bunch of pebbles and I remember her throwing them at me, I just don't remember any of them making it down my shirt. haha I would think I would have felt that between the hour we got home and when I put my PJ's on. DOH! Oh well.

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Jackie said...

Those cupcakes look delish! I want your recipe! YUM! Cute marshmallow idea!

HAHAHAHA Rocks. That's funny!

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