Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling Blah

Do you ever have those days where you just feel....BLAH! That has kinda been me today. I am super excited because I started making an apron with no pattern or anything like that and it is still turning out pretty freaking cute. I can't post pictures until Saturday evening because it is a gift. That stinks but I am happy to be making it. I have actually sewn a lot lately. My friend came over with a bunch of maternity clothes she needed fixed. I helped her out with those and then decided that if I had time to do a couple of 5 minutes projects for her, I needed to make some time for some of MY 5 minute projects. I finished a pair of PJ bottoms that I made out of vintage sheets I got at a thrift store. I LOVE THEM! I will take pictures as soon as I fix them because the elastic I put in sucks and won't hold my pants up. I am really excited because i started them like 8 months ago when I first started sewing and they ended up being too small so I stopped working on them. I have lost 20 pounds since then so I tried them on and they fit! WOO HOO Now I just need to adjust them. I also made Tyler a pillow for his bed and a cover for his fan. All will be posted tomorrow or Friday. The first half of the day tomorrow will be gone for me already and then the second part of the day I need to clean and hopefully finish the apron I started today.

So back to the whole feeling Blah thing. I blogged about this in April when I was feeling down but wanted to mention it again. Why do we as women compare ourselves to others? I don't understand this. Whether it is looks, talents or life situations. It seems like I do this WAY too often. I am incredibly grateful for my life and the things I have. I feel super lucky all the time so why make myself feel less important or less special then someone else. It is stupid! Any one have a suggestion to help me out of this self sabotage thing? Like for instance, I was taught when I was younger if I was scared or something to sing a church hymn. Maybe I need to find one and start again. Any suggestions though would be nice.

For any one who is STILL reading this, I want to say thank you. You are a wonderful person and you are unique and talented in ways others are not! Don't compare. Be yourself and be HAPPY!

Good night y'all


PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Yeah, we all try to think we aren't good enough. Last week when I went to hear Brother Wilcox, he pointed out that it was OKAY! The Savior makes up everything, as we are saved by grace. I think there is also a great talk by Elder Utchdorf, Happiness your Heritage. Smile Katie you rock, I always come up short when I compare myself to you.

Kitty Talk said...

Funny Jen this is JUST what I mean because in my head I always fall short of YOU! heehee I'll have to look up the talks. I'll see you Saturday!

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