Friday, June 11, 2010

Man, I love my kids!

You know you love your kids WHEN you have a fun filled day of sewing during nap time planned and instead you spend nap time PLUS a couple more hours making a 3-D Woody from Toy Story puppet! My kid is CRAZY over Toy Story. He is SO excited for this next one to come out he can hardly stand it. We found this web site HERE that has TONS of things Toy Story 3 for kids to do. On line games, trailers, recipes, party ideas and TONS of printable art work and things to cut out and glue. Tyler saw this

I saw the instructions on line and thought...that looks time consuming. My boy looked up at me giving me the dog face

I looked into those big hazel eyes and couldn't resist! I mean really, who could resist these puppies?

The Woody took me over THREE FREAKING HOURS! No joke. When my husband came home I was ready to pull my hair out. But just the fact that he was HOME and COULD help if I needed it, made it all better. Isn't that funny!?!

Any ways, go to the site if your kids like Toy Story. Especially if they are home for the summer and driving you crazy. This will give them plenty to do for hours. we also made these yesterday

These were much easier and we did them over two days instead of me sitting there cutting and gluing things like a crazy woman. I also made a deal with my boy that mommy was going to sew during nap time instead of make more guys. So after nap time I ALMOST had my purse finished from the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern. It was SUCH an easy pattern. If you have never sewn a purse before it might be confusing but for those of you who have made one before, it would be simple. It seriously took longer to cut ALL the freaking pieces out and iron on all the interfacing. After the kids went to bed my husband and I took a shower together and then I tucked him into bed and finished my purse! WOO HOO I LOVE IT! Especially since the material for the entire purse PLUS interfacing was probably LESS THEN 10 DOLLARS! That's what I call a purse!!!

The Birdie Sling is HUGE! I didn't want it to be that big because my mom is getting this purse for her birthday ( which was over a month ago! ) and she wanted me to shorter it, A LOT! SO this was why I made this purse. I didn't want to cut into her 10 dollar a yard gorgeous fabric and find the pattern doesn't work if you alter it. I took at least 3 inches off the bottom and then had to adjust several other things while making it to make everything fit. Nothing too hard though and now I have a seriously cute owl purse. YEAH! Now, I get to start on her purse. I am so excited.

Also I need to make a flower or something for my owl purse. That should be in the making sometime this weekend. I have a sister in law who has a birthday tomorrow and I am trying to come up with something to make her. She is special so it needs to be good. Any ideas? Anyways. I'm linking this to some Friday parties! Enjoy and happy weekend everyone!!!

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TidyMom said...

CUTE! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Erin Wallace said...

Following from FF, please stop by my blog and follow! I also host a blog hop on Mondays (The Bunny Hop); Would love to see you there!

xo Erin

Jackie said...

Your purse is darling. Lucky mom!

You are darling! Lucky son!

Glad you guys are feeling better.

Christin@Pregnant with power tools said...

Love all the pretty pictures! New friend from Follow Me Friday - hope you'll visit me too :)

Jerri said...

Toy Story is one of my favorites kid's movies! Love this project! And the purse is adorable! I love owls! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

Jerri said...

I'm featuring you for Friday Favorites this week. Come by and grab a featured buttong if you like!

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