Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recipe Help!!

So doing this diet is a sacrifice in many ways. One of the biggest for me is that you aren't supposed to eat honey....EVER! Bummer since my home made wheat bread has honey in it and lots of it. But my recipe is the best all wheat bread recipe I have found. SOOOOOO I need your help people. Next Tuesday I am allowed to start adding bread back into my diet but it needs to be whole wheat. No problem except now I need a new bread recipe. I want one that I KNOW will be good. So here is where you come in. Email me some good recipes and I am going to pick which ever one sounds the most delicious and see how it goes. I have my new Kitchen Aid mixer that is shamefully still sitting in the box because I haven't had time, nor do I have the room for it on my counter tops! Give me an excuse to bust it open and make some yummy bread! PLEASE!!!

Okay so like I said, you can email me at OR you can leave a comment and include the recipe itself or a link to your blog post that includes the recipe. I appreciate it ahead of time and I hope at LEAST one of you will actually give me a recipe. I know I can look it up on line but reading "This recipe is the best ever" from a complete stranger, and hearing it from someone I know or "kinda of know" is much better in my opinion! haha SO let the recipes begin. And just to make it fair I am going to post my bread recipe for anyone who would like to try it who CAN eat honey.

100% Wheat Bread

4 cups whole wheat flour
4 cups warm water
3Tbs of yeast
combine above ingredients and let sit and sponge for 30 mins.

Add 1/2 cup of butter
2/3 cup of honey
3 tsp of salt
6 to 8 cups of whole wheat flour
Knead 15 to 20 minutes
Put in an oiled boil for 20 to 30 minutes
punch down and shape into loaves ( this easily makes 3 to 4 loaves )
Let rise 20 to 30 min
Bake at 350 20 to 30 minutes and freaking enjoy!

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