Saturday, June 19, 2010


Okay so I been telling y'all that I was working on something for a present. I got to give it to her today and I have pictures. WOO HOO I took pictures of me wearing it but then I ended up getting some of her wearing it. First the apron

Didn't it turn out cute? I love it! I want to make myself one now!! :) And here is the other part of the present. A garter, but not just any has a washer with her future husbands name on it! heehee

Any ways. I looked up garters on ETSY and as far as I could see NO ONE was selling them with the personalized washer on it. I am thinking about making some and trying to sell them for 15 to 20 bucks. What do you guys think? Too much money? Most of the ones on etsy were any where from 15 to 40 bucks. I swear people charge SO much for some things on that site.

Here is a picture of me in the apron before I gave it to her

Oh and I almost forgot, as a wedding present I printed out some of the pictures I took for them for their wedding invitations.


Kim and Ender said...

The garter is super cute with the washer. I think $15-$20 is a good price.

Anonymous said...

Super cute apron! And I love the garter too. I would think $15-$20 is fair.

I am passing along a bloggy award to you tomorrow so come by for a visit!

Joy @

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