Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowers Tutorials

Flowers are so stinking popular right now. Either as hair clips for girls, pins to women's clothing or just an accessory for a purse, they are every where! I saw this at the dollar store and decided to buy it just to take it apart to see how it was made.

It looked like this on the back

So I got started! I grabbed a raggedy, old, white t-shirt and made a bunch of circles

Then I folded one circle in half like this

Then again

and again

Do this same thing to all your circles, sew the bottoms together ( which I do not show because I am going to show you how to make several more flowers with the same circles...) and you have your first flower!

Now here are the different variations of flowers that I always seem to use. The white t-shirt doesn't work as well for some of these especially in pictures but I think you will get the point in following along with the pictures.

For the next flowers I went ahead and rounded the edges to give it a little bit more of a flower feel.

Once you open it up it should look like this

Now just simply stack them. I put the smaller ones on top because there were a few after cutting the edges down ended up much smaller then the rest.

Pinch the stack in the center and then sew a couple of quick stitches to help it keep the scrunched look

Then add something in the center like a plastic button, some bling or a cute fabric cover button.

Ready for flower number three? Take the same stack of circles and simply just scrunch the center all the way up and then sew it down creating more of a flower like the first one but it gives it a more organized look.

Like I said, these are just slight variations. It just comes down to personal preference on all of these.

Okay I have 2 or 3 more. Next, set a side four of the circles. Fold one in half and then another in half. Place the two halves with the folded side together in the center like shown

Next take the third circle, fold it in half and set it across the others like so

Take one side of this circle and tuck it underneath the one that is under it

And the last circle on the other side, tuck it like you did to the last one. You should have a pretty flower

Sew in the center so the pieces are connected and again add a button or something. I use this finished flower

Another flower I use a lot which is pretty much the same thing and will give you almost the same look depending on what kind of fabric you use is the next one. Take the four circles again and fold them all in half. Then fold them in half again and then put the centers together to form a flower

Add something to the center again.

Now another thing you can do if using a plain fabric like I used is to take paint or a fabric marker and color all the way around the edges of your flower.

Try some of the flowers again with this new two toned flower

Any ways. Hopefully this was helpful. I know there are a million tutorials for these out there but I thought I would show you the variations in one post to make it easier. Here are some pictures of these flowers with different fabric I have done and used.

Like I said, I favor the one flower. I use it a lot. Hope you learned something. Now go make some fabric flowers and let me know how it goes.

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~Crystal~ said...

Seriously love this! Thank you Katie!! I am going to have to steal this idea VERY soon!

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