Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fan Cover

This post is not terribly exciting. I have been meaning to post it before I forget. How many of you have a fan that looks like this

And thought to yourself, "The openings in that are WAY too small for little kids to get their fingers in so I don't need to worry about it"? Well, let me tell you this is mostly true. Fingers can not fit into those tiny slots but leave it to my daughter to find things that DO fit in to this fan. We went to turn on this fan and it wouldn't start. Just like that. But we could tell it was trying to work. We thought, "Maybe there is something in it blocking it." So the next day I turned it upside down and a letter came out of it. My daughter is obsessed with the alphabet. Tyler has a magnetic chalk board right by the fan with magnet letters on it. She will play with it all by herself for up to a half an hour some times. I figured I better do something about the fan. I started working on a cover for it. We had JUST bought Toy Story fabric at Walmart and I didn't have anything in mind for it. While I was working on it we went to turn the fan on that night and guess what? The fan wouldn't start again. This time Cody pulled all of this out of the fan

Holy cow she has shoved a lot of stuff in that fan. So I finished the cover while they were sleeping and I do use the term "finish" very lightly. I finished it enough to cover the fan so she didn't keep shoving stuff in it but it isn't actually done. I want to put some ric rac around the bottom and I wanted to put an applique on the white part. Some day I might even get around to it.

While I was using the Toy Story fabric I made my boy a pillow for his bed. He loves it SO MUCH! Its funny how the silliest things make your kids day. Here is the front

and the back using the extra fabric

The fan cover is doing its job. Kayla likes playing with Buzz on it and talking to him and tickling him but she has yet to shove things in the fan so I guess this sewing experiment was a success.

Oh and isn't that Toy Story blanket cute? My mom made it for Tyler as a surprise for when we got to Utah. He LOVES it!


Jackie said...

I'm back.
My mother was in town, and she left this morning, and at least one of my kids are napping, so I'm ready to respond!
Sorry it took me so long!

New blog!

Cute background.

Great idea for a fan cover.
Brigham stuffs little papers in his nightlight. Glad other kids do funny stuff like that!

Kitty Talk said...

Glad you are back...I am actually off again! haha I'll only be gone a week though. back to Utah we go for a family reunion for my in laws. Hoping to get good pictures :)

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