Friday, June 25, 2010

Eventful Day

yesterday was definitely eventful. Nothing MAJOR but lots of minor things. It started out with me falling down the stairs and smacking my back really hard up against the wall at the bottom. Now before any one freaks out too bad, I only have 3 stairs. I am sure those who have not seen my house were envisioning MUCH worse but trust me the three stairs were plenty for me. Then we were running late getting out of the house. We FINALLY got into the car and three blocks away when my boy started crying because he couldn't find something. He said he left it at home. I didn't want him crying the whole way there so I turned around to go back to get it. I run in the house try and find it and can't. I go back to the car look for TWO SECONDS and of course, it was there the whole time but Tyler just doesn't know how to look for stuff! GRRRRRR

At this point I am super annoyed but whatever. I drop Tyler and Kayla off at Jen's house and go to do a photo shoot with a bride and her sisters. They just happen to be Jen's nieces and Jen made the dress. It was very pretty and she made it in like 2 or 3 weeks. It would have taken me forever especially since she has three hper boys at home all day long! You go JEN!

The photo shoot went well. It was really freaking hot though and I went to pick up the kids at Jen's. We got about 3 blocks away again and I realized we forgot Kayla's snuggy. Thank goodness she will take the new one I bought her now so I decided I would just get it from Jen on Sunday. Keep driving.....Kayla falls asleep pretty quick. We get home and it is almost 2 but the kids haven't had lunch. I cook them hot dogs and I make me some mac and cheese. get them down for naps by 2:45 or so and FINALLY get to eat lunch and load the pictures on my lap top. Kids won't nap....DANG! Get them back up and they are cranky! Kayla keeps walking into things, falling off of things or just flat out crying for NO REASON! Gave herself a black eye by walking into a drawer that was open because I was doing dishes and putting them away.

We got dinner made, got some stuff done around the house and are trying to get the kids bed EARLY! While we are doing baths and stuff my husband informs me that I MADE MY FIRST ETSY SALE! WOO HOO I am so excited. So we get the kids to bed pretty much on time in stead of early, shower, print out my picture on canvas, spray it and we are off to bed by 11. Our stupid neighbors are outside and talking with friends until midnight. I wanted to shoot them because they were right outside our window. get up at 6:15 and Kayla starts talking to herself......SERIOUSLY! So I finally got the kids up at 7 which I SERIOUSLY could not believe they were already up!! I got all of my moms purse cut out and so now I just need to find some time today to iron on the interfacing so tomorrow, Sunday and Monday I can hopefully finish it. We leave Wednesday for Utah again, only this time we will only be gone a week. The night we get there is when the Twilight movie comes out and so I get to go see it with my sisters! YEAH! So excited.

So now that my complaining is done, wanna see a cute picture from the shoot yesterday?

I knew the girls all had cowgirl boots so I told them to bust them out so we could take pictures with those too! Cute right?! Since Lettice hasn't actually gotten married yet I am not gonna post any pictures from this until after her wedding. That way no one will see her dress before hand. Happy friday everyone! I hope I don't end up killing my kids....I need a Dr. Pepper already. Sonic here I come!!!!!


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Yikes! What a day. I'm sorry to hear about your back. I hope it feels better.

The boots picture is so cute. Great shot!

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

I love it! Too cute!

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