Friday, June 4, 2010

Hair Clips

My sister and I wanted to do a "craft night" while I was visiting. You, staying up late, talking, eating food and making whatever it was that we wanted to make together. She wanted me to teach her how to do cute flower hair clips. I have done several different versions of these throughout the year so we ran to the dollar store and Micheal's to get some supplies. Did you know that the dollar store sells really cute fake flowers? I get LOTS of my art supplies from that store. Much cheaper then any where else and some of it is the same as you can get at Walmart and other places. My sister bought a 100 pack of alligator clips for 5 bucks at The Beauty Supply Store. We picked a day and started....

Yeah it didn't go as planned. We ended up with like two clips and three started ones. Here is what I made ( I forgot to take a picture of her clip )

Basically I covered an alligator clip with pink ribbon, ripped apart a flower and put some bling in the middle. It turned out really cute. It looks super cute on her

Then a couple of days later I made this one

This one was a lot more complicated. I took ribbon and cut pedals out of it. Then I burned all the way around the edges and then sewed them together to make a flower. Then I took some tulle and black ribbon to complete the clip. There are SO many hair clip tutorials out there so I never bother to do one. Does anyone think they need a tutorial on hair clips? If so, just say the word and I will be more then happy to do so. I love the way this one came out.

I just remembered I have a picture of my sister wearing her hair clip

Cute huh? It's so funny because there are SO many crafty people in Utah! I had my purse I made for over a week in Texas and no one even noticed it yet. And my wallet I made like 6 months ago, only ONE person here in Texas ever noticed it. In Utah...I had been there TWO days and already got more then one compliment on BOTH! haha I thought that was pretty funny.

I also wanted to post pictures of the girls wearing their matching outfits. My sister read my blog yesterday and sent me some.

Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday! I have another blog I hope to write later today! so come back again for more fun!

The Girl Creative


PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Too cute! I love the clips. I so need a little girl...

Jackie said...

Love the clips! Also love the trampoline hair!

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