Sunday, April 4, 2010


My husband makes fun of me all the time because I refuse to pay full price for things. Not only that but I HATE getting rid of stuff. I have a pile of clothes I plan on fixing or cutting up to use as fabric. I recently bought a dress at ROSS on sale for 8 dollars. I got it home, tried it on ( normally I don't buy things without trying them on but we were in a hurry and it was only 8 bucks! ) and I didn't like how it fit me. I thought the material was really great though. I put it back in the bag with the receipt and thought about returning it. After a month passed it was mine because I couldn't return it any more. Hmmmmmm. I finally got it out and thought "I could make it into a skirt!" This was seriously the EASIEST remake EVER! Here is what it looked like before I did anything to it

I literately just cut the top off and it was instantly a skirt!

Now what should I do with the extra fabric??!! Any thoughts???

My other redo project I was very happy with. This is a short I bought at Old Navy about 3 or 4 years ago. It is old, stretched out and has tiny holes from my belt around the bottom. Basically I wear it around the house only but it still bugs me because the sleeves get SOOOOOOOo stretched out that my bra and undershirts show!

So first I took the sleeves and marked where I wanted to sew them.

Then I took elastic and sewed it on the underside of the fabric. What I found out the hard way was for it to stretch the way you want, it's best to sew one side down so that it is attached to the shirt. Then take the other end of the elastic and sew that down where it is supposed to end. After both sides are sewn down you go back and sewed down the middle while stretching the elastic to where the shirt is flat. I know that is hard to understand but it is easy once you try it. This is how the sleeve turned out once it was done.

The shirt looked MUCH better already but it was still stretched out every where else. I decided I needed to add some elastic to the chest in between the boobs. I did this the EXACT same way I did the sleeves. Sewed one side down in place, then sewed the other side down in place and then stretched it out so that the shirt lays flat and sew down the center. I turned the shirt around and washed out the picture so you could see it. Since the shirt was black it just wasn't visible in the picture unless I did this.

I have this exact shirt in white so I am going to do it again and take more pictures along the way to help explain better. It honestly fits so much better and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I haven't had much time to sew lately because we went to El Paso for a week to hang out with my husband on his business trip. I hope to get some purses sewn this month before we leave for vacation again in May. Crossing my fingers...


Kristy Lou said...

That skirt is really cute! I would make one of the flower things you make so you have a matching one if you wear the skirt with a sweater or something... and the of course a matching bag. :)

kailiaelf said...

Make something for Kayla then you and her can match!

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