Saturday, April 24, 2010


Did you ever think to buy bandanna's to use as fabric?! If you hadn't yet you should. they have really cool patterns sometimes and it is the perfect amount of fabric to make things for little girls. For instance, a skirt

For this skirt I just took a bandanna, cut it in half and added a white border to the bottom. Then I sewed the elastic on the top and you have a very cute and cheap skirt.

Another option is to make a dress

There are tutorials ALL over the internet for these types of dresses. If you want to see one, try treyandlucy. She has LOTS of fun tutorials on here side bar. I use her tie patterns every time I make a tie onesie. She is really adorable too!

And lastly, you can be slightly more complicated a use it as fabric. I made my girl a dress with two different bandanna's. It came out pretty cute. It was my first dress and so it is kind of rough. If I ever do one again, I could make it MUCH better.

Any ways....just wanted you to know there are options out there besides just going to the fabric store and buying fabric. And for summer, the light weight of the bandanna is perfect! I have found several boys shorts made out of bandanna's which would be really comfy except my boy is HUGE. I'd have to buy three bandanna's to make him shorts. haha So think out side of the box. I try and do that always. Look at EVERYTHING as fabric. Even plain white t-shirts can make really wonderful things. And if can use them to "try" things in stead of wasting "good fabric" on experiments. :) s

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