Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am going on an air plane with my two kids by MYSELF on Saturday. One is 4 and a little more easily entertained. The other way however, is exactly 15 months old. She is a lot harder. especially when sitting down because she normally wants to get down and run which is obviously can't do on a plane. She LOVES doing tedious things taking all of the crayons out of the box and then putting them back in. Any suggestions on something I can buy or make for her in the next two days? I have a quiet book my mom made my son which I am gonna bring but I am slowly panicking. We went to the doctor today and she played with my wallet for 20 minutes pulling all the cards out. I think I might make her a wallet of her own...

ANY other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

15 months is such a hard age to travel on a plane with! I have flown with my children across country several times by myself. (I have 3.) I am not going to's a lot of work but manageable. Here are my suggestions

1. Portable DVD player! It's a must and will save your life if your kids enjoy watching movies.

2.Wedding bubbles- they are small enough to pass through security and keep them entertained on the plane or while waiting in the airport.

3. Crayons and paper.

4. An empty sippy cup. They can fill it up for you on board with juice or water. Oh and don't forget snacks.

5. Quite books are good or file folder games for your older one. File folder games are especially good because they don't take up a lot of room in your carry on. The book I have used is called "Caroson-Dellosa's File Folder Games."

6. And if you have the option I would bring your little girls car seat on board. I think it's easier to make them sit still because they are use to sitting in it for the car and if you are lucky she might just take a snooze.

Well I hope some of this helps. Good Luck!

Kristy Lou said...

I will agree with the DVD player, sippy-cup, snacks, and I love the idea of wedding bubbles... super smart!! Making her a wallet is a good idea, and so is the quiet book. Will she play with a magna doodle?? Maybe a button jar like the one mom used to have... I know we played with that for hours. Who is picking you up BTW?? I will try to think of more as the day goes on.

Kitty Talk said...

Thanks for the tips so far and Cody is picking me up Kris. He is already there! I think everyone keeps forgetting that. haha We are gonna be to Utah by Sunday afternoon. WOO HOO

Kristy Lou said...

LOL, I did forget Cody was here already. duh! Hey, does Kayla like stickers?? That might keep her busy... a magnet or sticker book. See you guys Sunday!!

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