Monday, April 19, 2010


I almost had a heart attack! I opened up my blog, signed in and went to the dashboard to see all the updates on the blogs I follow and NONE were there. It said I wasn't following any blogs and to get started click blah blah blah. I freaked out for a minute there. I got it back and running though. Thank goodness because I honestly wouldn't remember all the blogs I follow by heart.

So here is the Monkey costume

The brown was making his eyes pop! he actually looked pretty darn cute in it. He was so excited to wear it all day ( except to church of course, although I am sure he would of if I would have let him! )

Today my husband and I have dentist appointments which sadly for me means no sewing. Boooooooooooo. I REALLY want to sew me a new purse for our trip coming up. I have the cutest material too. I just need a cute pattern. Since I have at LEAST 100 purse patterns copy and pasted in a word document I guess I should be good there too. I just need to pick one and go for it. Wish me luck. I am so indecisive it's gonna take me forever to decide which one. Does anyone else do that? I have over 100 purses to choose from and I will end up looking at ALL of them and then end up searching for more and invest 3 hours of my time with nothing to show for it but a longer list of purses! I love you craft blogs! :)

The Trendy Treehouse

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Sarah said...

The same thing happened to me when I opened my dashboard of blogs I follow. My jaw hit the floor - but they were back in a few hours.

Monkey costume is adorable. I know he loved it!

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