Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I LOVE Sales

Today I got a deal! We have a fabric store in town and it is going out of business. Sucks that it is going out of business BUT that means everything is 50% off! YIPEE!! I spent 30 bucks and I got two bags full of stuff.

Check out my stash I walked away with

I got some sweet deals.

Those packs are 10X10 squares and one has 14 squares and the other has 16. I paid 5.50 for one and 6 bucks for the other. IN SANE I TELL YOU!

Aren't the colors gorgeous?! Then I got all these remnants for 6 bucks!

I can't wait to have time to sew.

Before I go I wanted to post a funny picture of my girl. She kept sneaking into our bedroom and coming out with the same thing in her hand each time. One guess what it was.....

Yeah...it's our LUB! haha I can't keep it out of her hands. If she sneaks into our room that is what she gets EVERY TIME! I guess I should start hiding it. It was funny too because when she saw me putting my camera up she made that face for me on purpose. Not sure what it was supposed to be but it was deliberate. HAHA I took two of them and she made the same face both times. I heart her. Don't worry about those long bangs too because I cut them today. I totally cut them too short again but still not nearly as bad as the last time. We are gonna try to do pictures in the blue bonnets with my kids and Sarah tomorrow so let's hope everything goes well.


Kristy Lou said...

Go figure Katie, I was like... her hair is so cute... and then you said you cut her bangs to short again, and I was like DOUH!!!
My other niece Hannah came out of Julies room the other day waving her vibe while Sam and Nathan were sitting there. so Kayla is not the only one who likes to find "the fun stuff" in parents bedroom. Good times!!

Kristy Lou said...

Oh yeah, totally forgot... way cute fabric!! I LOVE the ones that have paisley on them, and the colors are gorgeous!!

Kitty Talk said...

um, why does that not surprise me Kristy about Julie! haha Her bangs aren't too bad. The length they were, they get in her eyes and then she rubs at them every 30 seconds. I'll post pictures later to night.

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