Thursday, March 25, 2010

This and That

I found another jean skirt make over at Craftaholics Anonymous here. Go check it out. She does it differently and obviously knows how to explain herself much better then me. Go check it out especially if you were having trouble following my direction.

Also I found some great flower and hair clip tutorials. I made this real quick before we went to Walmart the other day

I wait to make some more. I think every time I make one it will come out better. Then I told you I was making Kayla a hair clip from the bow tie tutorial. I just forgot about it. So here it is before I finished it.

And here it is finished with a ribbon as the center

I don't have any pictures of it in her hair yet but when I get one I will post it. I also did another refashion on Monday but I think I will wait to post it with a couple of others I am working right now. I have been so happy fixing clothes I haven't been wearing. And who wouldn't be happy fixing things to make them wearable again! I hate wasting money.

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