Thursday, April 29, 2010

HELP Update

I had a thought yesterday while trying to think of things to keep Kayla busy on the air plane. She has been incredibly into the alphabet lately. She will spend 30 minutes in Tyler's room by herself playing with his letters on the isle. SOOOOOOOOOOO I am making her a little felt board to take on the air plane with letters. I already got all the letters cut out and now I just have to make the board. Hopefully sometime tonight I can get that finished. If not tonight then for sure tomorrow. My house is a MESS and I NEED to get that all cleaned as well so I am not coming home to a disaster when it's time.

I was putting Tyler down for naps just now and I told him, "Two more days and we will be in Utah!" He got all excited and then said something about the air plane. I said, "Yup and we are going to be SO good on the air plane." Tyler, with his hand on my face said, "I will be perfect on the air plane momma, but Kayla won't!" haha Good times. He cracks me up

Now off to clean....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

1 comment:

Kristy Lou said...

If he gets a little crazy on the plane you will have to remind him of what he said. :) See you in TWO DAYS!!! EEEEEEEEE

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