Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just wanted to post a quickie...It is late, I am TIRED since I didn't sleep much last night and I was already IN bed again and had to get up. Not the same reason this time although I am gonna be SUPER annoyed if when I get back into bed I hear snoring again. I was getting into bed, my husband already half asleep and I remembered I PROMISED my son I would make him a monkey costume. DOH! I told him it would be ready when he got up in the morning. Lucky for me I told him it would just be ears and a tail. He then argued with me for five minutes on what the shape of a monkey ear looks like. Man he is stubborn. Any ways. I thought I would post a picture of my newest necklace! I think this might end up being an obsession! They are too easy and there are so many variation to them like hair clips for girls. My friend Katrina and her husband Johnny came over for a little while today and a couple of weeks ago she took some pictures for me. I thought I would make her a necklace to say thank you.

I LOVE my new stamp kit! I don't know if it just works better then the first one I bought or if the washers I got are softer but this necklace worked so much better then the first. I can't wait to make more. I still need to make myself one with a skull on it. :)

Oh and I hope you are not sick of the bluebonnet pictures because it has RAINED and been gloomy for like 3 days straight! Just before sunset the clouds opened up to let a little of the sun peek through and made a gorgeous sunset. My husband was in the bathroom when I peeked out side and saw the pink in the sky. I thought, "I'd better get my camera and get ready so the second he is done I can fly out the door and get some pictures." Well, he took too long so finally I knocked on the door and said, "I'll be right back." He didn't know what to think and I heard a confused, "Um okay, I am almost done." haha I flew out the door and down the street to the SAME patch of flowers. I didn't fix my camera settings so quite a few of them came out blurry but I got some good ones. I will post a couple here and then all the ones I edited on my photography blog tomorrow.

Have a very happy Sunday everyone!


Gina F said...

I hope you get enough of good sleep tonight. I also hope the monkey costume comes out quite okay for your son. The necklaces look good. Keep up the great work on the necklaces. ("GOOD JOB") The pictures of the flowers are so beautiful too. ("GREAT PICTURES") HAVE A NICE FAB SUNDAY TOO!!!

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Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

Can you believe I have not been able to get one picture of the bluebonnets this year? I love your photos!

Kitty Talk said...

@Gina, I did get good sleep last night and I am still exhausted today. Go figure huh?

@Tammy, I didn't get any pictures in the blue bonnets last year or the year before so I think that is why I am going blue bonnet crazy this year. I still need to get some of my kids in them so there will be more to come. :)

And as always thanks for compliments and comments! I will check out y'alls blogs tonight when the kiddos go to bed.

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