Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Momma's Got a New Bag!

I FINALLY finished my bag after starting it on Sunday! WOO HOO I am so happy because I LOVE how it turned out. I wish however, that I used a lighter fabric for the black because I think my purse weights about 3 or 4 pounds without anything in it.

I made the buttons for the bottle pockets on the sides and the bows they are attached to is actually made out of a stretchy head band. It is way to small for me and Kayla doesn't wear them any more so I figured, why waste it right?! But I needed something in that color of pink and I didn't have any fabric. I will try and post a picture tomorrow of it actually on my shoulder so you can see how big it actually is. I am loving all the pockets I put in the inside and the narrow top so things won't spill out hopefully. YEAH! Also, I am not super girly. But THIS bag for me was just the right amount of girly with the pink and the bows but the black and the skulls and cross bones made it so ME.

On a side note, the peanut butter cookies I made yesterday that I posted about were so good that I ate like 8! AHHHHHHH Hello two pounds I lost last week. You weren't gone for long, but apparently I missed you! haha I accidently left them out uncovered ALLLLLL day yesterday and then ALLLLLLL night last night. I was sad so when I noticed them in the morning. I picked one up and guess what?!?! They were still amazingly wonderful and not stale at ALL! WOO HOO




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Kim @ seven thirty three said...

What a cool bag! Great job.

Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice!

Ashley said...

Such a cute punk-y bag! You did a great job!

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