Saturday, April 24, 2010


I started putting all of my crafting stuff on this blog because our family blog was turning into a daily, "Look what I made this week" post. I decided I should probably stick the crafting ans sewing stuff here so that people didn't get sick of reading craft and sewing stuff on our FAMILY blog. Since I did post stuff there for a while there are some sewing/crafting things I haven't posted here yet. Today I started working on a purse but since it isn't done and I really just felt like posting today I thought I would post some stuff from a couple of months ago.

First off I did a photo shoot for a girl at church. She has the cutest little baby girl and I wanted to take pictures of her. Well, before she was born I made her this set of clothes

I really like how most of it came out. The bibs I made out of micro fiber towels and regular material for the back. If you ever need baby gift ideas just go to and look around. You will find something to be inspired by!

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