Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a suggestion

Sometimes informative blogs are boring but worth the read. I just thought I would write a quick blog to make a suggestion. When wanting to make a pattern for something I would get frustrated that my paper wasn't wide enough for most of them. I had bought butcher paper for doing the freezer paper t-shirts ( and have STILL never tried them, lazy me! ). We were also using butcher paper for painting and all sorts of messy crafts. Eventually, we ended up just painting directly ONTO the butcher paper. Then I wanted to make a purse but wasn't sure on the size and shape. I saw the butcher paper and thought, "hmmmmmm that would work" It worked wonderfully!! So now when regular paper is too small, I grab my butcher paper and put it to good use. Also, did you know that you could take a piece of white fabric, cut it down to 8X10 and iron on some butcher paper to it and run it through the printer to print an image DIRECTLY onto the fabric! Then all you have to do is press on it with an iron to set the ink in and you are ready to sew it on like a patch or whatever. I tried this and it worked great!

Any ways. You also can take the butcher paper in the shape of your pattern and iron it onto your fabric to cut it out. That way you get the EXACT shape you want and the paper doesn't slip around and you don't have to try to pin it. ALSO, you can reapply it to another piece of fabric. I was making baby shoes for Kayla and I cut out one pattern piece and ironed it onto some fabric and cut it out. the problem was, I needed FOUR pieces cut out. No problem, I just kept on ironing on the same piece of butcher paper and it stuck every time. I think four is about the max though because I don't know if it would have stuck another time. one of these days I will have to try it and see what happens.

So this was my quick post for today just to let you know what I do. Butcher paper is a great investment. It is only about 5 bucks for a HUGE roll of it at Walmart or where ever you may shop and it last forever. I still have about half my roll and I bought it last summer. AWESOME. Happy crafting.


Sugar Bananas said...

You're so creative, Katie. I should have read this yesterday because I just threw away about 15 ft of butcher paper that was used to pack a big box I had delivered. They kids colored on it and then I chucked it.

Kim and Ender said...

Uh I forgot about the t-shirt thing. We are gonna craft like crazy when you get here.

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