Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Y'all! What are you doing to celebrate? I got an email from ( which is a wonderful site for anything green ) with a top ten things we could do to help Mother Earth. I wanted to share the list with you as a suggestion for everyone to work on. I already do at least half of the things on the list but that means I still have some work to do. Every one can improve something right? SO here we go...

1. Carry a reusable shopping bag with you.

2. Pack a waste free lunch with things like fabric napkins, washable utensils and plates!

3. Bring a bottle of mug and of course make it something you are not going to throw away after one use like aluminum or stainless steel.

4. Use paper towel replacements. I recently decided to stop buying them. It's been about 6 months or so and I don't really miss them yet. My husband does, but I don't.

5. Wrap gifts in reusable bags. I do not do this yet but I should. I have tons of fabric and could easy make bags that can be used afterwards and can be cute! This is something I need to work on

6. Use other resources instead of buying energy drinks and juice boxes. I will link back to this in a minute...

7. Get rid of sandwich bags. I am having a hard time with this one. Please forgive me...

8. Use a reusable utensil

9. Replace aluminum foil and plastic wrap......Yup, need to work on this one too!

10. Ditch the dryer sheets! I tried this one and didn't like the results. Any one use one of the dryer balls and like it? If so, let me know which brand it is. I think I just bought a cheap one.

Any ways if you want to check out the list itself which has products and links for you to check out go

Go check it out if you are interested in ANYTHING on the list. Every little bit helps people. My husband always makes fun of me and calls me a hippy but I would rather him call me a hippy then feel guilty for throwing away all the trash I know we produce all the time.

In fact I have a challenge for you guys. I would like for you to save ALL your cardboard for one week. JUST SEVEN DAYS PEOPLE and if you are not AMAZED but how much cardboard you use in a week I will be shocked. I was SO SHOCKED the first week I started recycling cardboard. I had no idea how much we used. Try it if you do not recycle and I promise you that it will at least get you thinking and that is all it takes some times.

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