Thursday, April 29, 2010


I did some more maternity pictures for my friend today. We got a couple of good ones. It was SUCH a beautiful day that it was hard to not stay out side. I had TONS of stuff to do though and little time to do it in. I feel like I got a lot done though. My living room is picked up and has been vaccumed twice. Once while Kayla was napping and again an hour later after she dumped pop corn every where. She is my little stinker but I love her! Check out my maternity pics here if you get a chance. I also put a couple of my girl on there.

My boy had a couple of one liners today that cracked me up. I know I already wrote about the plane ride comment. Then while we were in the kitchen after dinner he pointed to Kayla and said, "Mom Kayla looks beautiful in her outfit!" haha She was wearing overalls but she had a new flower clip in her hair. I think he was referring to that but who knows with that kid. He makes me laugh. It is always good to have a nice day with him in between the crazy. I love him to death but some times it feels as though he WANTS to get beat. Which reminds me of a joke no one would really know except my sisters who read this. "Beat him Don....oh Lord, don't kill him!"

IF ANYONE ELSE READS THAT QUOTE AND KNOWS IT YOU ARE AWESOME AND WE WERE MEANT TO BE FRIENDS. HAHA That of course does not apply to my friends who I made watch it. Good night y'all. I should have gone to bed hours ago...Hopefully some crafting post tomorrow



Denise said...

Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse's Follow Me Friday. I am your newest follower.

Kristy Lou said...

"I was angry too." I just quoted that while at Scott's house this last weekend... but can't remember why. Oh well.

Kitty Talk said...

You quoted it on my facebook recently too. haha Good times.

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