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HAPPY GREEN MONTH Here at Something About Katie!!!  I would LOVE for everyone to be really excited about this, however I know and totally understand that not everyone is searching for ways to make their world a little greener.  I think if people read the facts about some of the harmful and awful things they do to the Earth and to their own bodies, I think you would think twice.  SO I am hoping after a month of me bugging you with no fuss ways and REASONS to try out new green products, at least ONE person will change SOME of their ways.  Here is the thing, it's easy and simple to change things one step at a time.  My chanllenge for y'all is simple.  I want you to read a couple of the links I am providing below.  This is a topic that most people don't know about unless you have SEARCHED for it.  You will all think I am CRAZY.  Seriously, it's okay.  I completely understand.  BUT the topic I want everyone to be aware of is what shampoo has in it and what it does to our bodies.  Are you someone who has to wash their hair once a day or even twice a day?  Did you know that your skin in the biggest organ on our bodies and all the products and things we put on our skin soak in and create havoc on our bodies?  Are you someone who uses TONS of products all the time.  Twice a day, three times a day?  Do you use organic or safe products or do you buy whatever is cheap?

It is something to think about.  Shampoo leaves all sorts of things left on your hair that change the way your hair lives.  When my sister came to visit in February,  her and I talked about trying what is called the NO POO DO.  Sounds lovely doesn't it?  The name alone is enough for most people to be put off.  I want everyone who is reading this to seriously consider this option.  NO shampoo.  Wait what?  YES I SAID NO SHAMPOO!  My sister and I decided to give it a try.

I know what you are thinking, how could you NOT be shampooing your hair?!?!?!  Well, that is kind of a lie.  We ARE shampooing our hair.  We just aren't using store bought shampoo.  We are using something that is practically free and most people already have available at their home at all times.  It is BAKING SODA.  Take some baking soda and water it down.  How you do it is up to you.  Put water with a table spoon or two of baking soda in a squirt bottle.  Some people just make a paste in their hands each time.  Whatever you want to do is fine.  Put it on your head in the shower and give you scalp a rub down.  Massage the mixture in really good.  Then let it sit for a minute.  I take this time to shave my underarms while the baking soda water mix sits.  Also, if you have long hair don't worry about getting it on ALL of your hair.  Just massage into your scalp where the oil comes from.

Links for other No Poo Do's


There are many, many people who do this.  Also there are a lot of people who do this who have very popular blogs and many followers.  So what about the conditioner?  Well, this is the part that will put many people off but I am telling you it WORKS.  You take another water bottle with mostly water and a  1/2 cup or so of some apple cider vinegar.  You can add a vanilla stick and/or a cinnamon stick to try and help with the smell.  The first time I used the apple cider vinegar I felt like I was dying Easter eggs!  haha That is what it reminded me of.  But I am telling you that the second it hit my hair I could run my fingers through it already.  Let the apple cider vinegar sit for a few minutes.  This time instead of rubbing it in your scalp, try and pour it over the ends of your hair.  It's fine if it hits your scalp so don't freak out if it does but I try to avoid it if possible,  I have short hair so it's hard for me to do scalp only and then ends only.  My hair is only a couple of inches so it makes it too hard.  But if you hair is shoulder length or longer it shouldn't be to difficult to do so.

My warning for everyone is that it could take a month to 3 months for your hair to get TOTALLY use to this process.  It took mine about 3 weeks before I was totally happy with it.  Check out this picture of my son and I that I already posted on this blog a month ago.

This picture was taken after 3 weeks of doing the NO POO.  I had the best hair day this day.  I am telling you the first couple of times you try this you will have SO MUCH BODY in your hair you will not know what to do!  My hair was so full it was almost ridiculous.  The first couple of times I didn't quite know what to do with my hair.  I took pictures along the way but I am telling you none of them came out very good because I was taking them all myself.  My internet here in Utah is SUPER slow so in a day or two I will put some more pictures of my hair on here.

Here is my challenge for you.  TRY IT!  Don't give up after the first time.  It takes a while.  If your hair is too dry and/or gritty then you are using too much baking soda.  If it is really oily still then you probably used too much vinegar.  So you have a whole month to try this.  SERIOUSLY.  what do you have to lose?  If you have hair that is long enough to be put in a pony tail then I HIGHLY recommend it.    Mine isn't long enough for a pony tail so on some days my hair was too greasy to go out with.  It happens.  Don't give up.  You will find what works best for you.  PLEASE give it a try!

My sister is doing awesome.  She hasn't used shampoo since her visited to see me around Valentine's day.  I however, have gone back to shampoo.  I have my reasons.  My biggest problem was that while I was really sick and couldn't get off of the couch, I didn't shower for 4 days.  YIKES, I know. Then I decided to go to the doctor so I jumped in the shower to wash my hair and I couldn't stand for very long. So I just threw some shampoo on.  Let me tell you that my hair was really gross that day.  I even washed it twice.  So I decided to try shampoo again.  It was better but still kinda flat and gross.  I then went back to the NO POO DO but had difficulty getting my hair used to it again.  I was going to a thing at my church and REALLY didn't want greasy hair so I gave up and went back to shampoo again.  Every since my hair has not had hardly any body.  Not like when I was on the Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

I am planning on getting a hair cut.  When I do, i am going back to the baking soda and apple cider vinegar.  I am hoping this time to keep it that way.  So many people say that once they get to three months they never go back because their hair is so healthy and wonderful.  I hope I can get to this point.

You have a month of trying new things.  It may not be this one but at least try it.  It's not gonna hurt you.   I finally tried it because my sister was going to try it too.  Find a friend who wants to go green with you and do it together.  It will be fun!  My sister and I would text message each other all of the time

"How is your hair today?"

Want to write me and ask my questions about it along the way?!  PLEASE DO!  katiesclicks at yahoo dot com.  I promise to respond as soon as possible and help you in any way I can.

Going green in about making changes.  It's hard to make a change but if you really want it, you can achieve it.

By the way this is NOT an april fools joke.  haha  Click on the other links.  Read their stories.  It's real.  I swear.  :)

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Kim and Ender said...

I'm still figuring out what works best with the no poo. Some days my hair is gritty to the touch sometimes it's a bit greasy underneath. It always looks shiney and has way more body than it ever has. I can't see myself going back to shampoo. I have always had greasy hair. Sometimes I would wash my hair and by the end of the day it looked like I hadn't wash it. I don't have that problem anymore. Ender, my hubby, loves it too. It's been fun to quit shampoo together.

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