Sunday, April 10, 2011

5 Pounds

That is how much weight I gained over the last week and a half!  Booooooo  We were in Utah and ate at a bunch of places we don't have here in Cali and then it was my birthday and I made this delicious cake with some YUMMY frosting.  I ate almost all of it myself....hmmmmmm

Last week I was even disciplined enough to work out three times before we left to go to Utah.  I KNEW I had gained some weight because my pants were fitting tight.  I finally forced myself to get on the scale.  This week it's South Beach all over again and some self discipline!  I just bought some cadbury eggs too!  DOH!

And because I have been posting a lot with no pictures ( which I HATE ) here is a quick one from our trip


The top picture was taken inCedar City.  It snowed the day we left.  The other picture was taken in the car with the window rolled up while we were still driving.  Yeah...that's how I roll! haha  When you have kids and are in a hurry there's no point in stopping, getting out of the car or rolling the window down.  In fact, when I do roll the window down I either get yelled at, or my boy barks like a dog.  He's a weirdo  haha


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Tell me all about the yummy frosting!

Katie said...

I used the one you suggested! haha So thanks!!

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