Friday, April 15, 2011

Coconut Oil Day 8

Sorry I skipped a few days of coconut oil posting.  Things have been a little crazy here at home.  Today I was looking stuff up on line and found a great post over at Passionate Homemaking.  They have a great blog with LOTS of useful information.  When researching different green products or do it your self type recipes for all natural living, their blog comes up a lot!  Check out this post about using coconut oil to make an all natural toothpaste!   Coconut oil has some antibacterial properties so toothpaste sounds like a great idea to me!  Here is the link click here 

Funny because when reading all of her different uses for coconut oil she mentions putting on her nipples for breast feeding!  I guess I am not the only one who was thinking it.  She also mentioned getting rid of cradle cap with it which I have also talked about and I am telling you it worked WONDERS for my sons cradle cap.

Have you found a use for coconut oil that I haven't mentioned yet?  Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to post it.  Thanks and have a wonderful day everyone

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