Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coconut Oil Day 9

Do you have curly hair that is super hard to manage?  Do your kids have crazy hair that sticks up everywhere?  Try some coconut oil.  To smooth away fly aways or manage crazy curly hair, depends on how much you use.  Just use a tiny bit for fly aways and a good glob full as a gel for curly hair.  One time I was conditioning Tyler's hair before church and I didn't get it all shampooed out.  I brushed his hair and it stayed where it was supposed to and looked great!  Not to mention he smelled yummy.  So give it a try.  You won't be sorry and you won't have to put chemicals in your hair to control those crazy curls.

On a side note I have gone back to the baking soda and vinegar for my hair and it has been great all week! I found a good trick to get my hair into the baking soda again.  I washed my hair with shampoo first, then with baking soda and then rinsed with the apple cider vinegar as the conditioner.  Then the next time I washed my hair I didn't use regular shampoo.  Just the baking soda and then apple cider vinegar.  My hair was wonderful!  Not grainy, not greasy.  I even went two days without washing it and it still looked good and wasn't greasy at all.  Today is day three and I am about to go try again.  I hope today will be as successful as the last!

happy weekend everyone.

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