Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coconut Oil

I have been slacking on my post!  I just forgot I was planning on posting a coconut oil use every day.  Yesterday I kept thinking, "I don't have anything to blog about!"  OPPS

Today's use for coconut oil is a simple one.  Use it as a moisturizer.  When I got out of the shower yesterday I put it on my face and all of my rough spots.  I rubbed it on my nasty ballet feet and on my knees.  Let it soak in.  If you still feel a little oily after ten minutes or so ( sometimes I put on too much and it doesn't all soak in )  take a warm wash cloth and pat yourself dry.

I love doing this!  When I was reading up on Coconut oil I found several people who say that once they started using it on their faces, within a week or so the lines on the face started to disappear.  Excellent.  Give it  a try.  You will also smell all nice and coconutie.  MMMMMMMMM

1 comment:

Kristy Lou said...

It is the only moisturizer I use on my face at night now, and I always put it on my feet after a shower right before I put on my socks and my heels are doing MUCH better. :)

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